USA Rugby content now live on BridgeAthletic platform

SAN FRANCISCO - USA Rugby has officially released training content only available to USAR-registered members. Now, every athlete and team in the USA Rugby system can access the standardized skills and drills training as well as strength and conditioning content being used in the National Team system. USA Rugby Director of Performance Alex Magleby is excited about the opportunity this provides to develop young talent from grassroots to entering the National Team pipeline. With this release, each team can now receive a customized training program. Based on position and experience, the BridgeAthletic platform will deliver personalized strength training, as well as rugby drills, to accelerate player skill development and improve performance on the pitch.

With such widespread access to National Team High Performance training content, Magleby looks forward to being able to identify rising talent using this first-of-its-kind inclusion of technology that previously would have gone unnoticed.

"By granting every USA Rugby member team and athlete access to our training through the BridgeAthletic platform, we are opening up the pipeline for young, up-and-coming players to really master the skills needed to compete on the international stage," Magleby said. "By leveraging Bridge's world-class technology, this program is truly a curriculum of excellence, rather than a couple of techniques that we can teach a handful of people at our camps."

BridgeAthletic's co-founder and chief performance officer, Nick Folker, praised the step toward high-performance training backed by technology, saying, "The ability for USA Rugby to develop players outside of their National Team system and streamline their training standards and skillset is a huge step in developing athletes with instinctive skills and first-class rugby IQ. Long term, this will lead to better athletes, better teams, as USA Rugby makes a serious push for Tokyo 2019, 2020, and beyond."

Magleby will be speaking about the partnership and access to content at the National Development Summit in San Francisco this weekend (Jan. 22 - 24).

In order to access this content, USA Rugby member athletes can go to the BridgeAthletic website, sign up, and begin training. For team packages, coaches are encouraged to reach out to BridgeAthletic at

About BridgeAthletic

Launched in 2013, San Francisco-based BridgeAthletic is a world leader in human performance technology. The BridgeAthletic platform allows coaches to build, deliver, track and analyze their athletes' training plans and performance data in real time. For teams and individual athletes who do not have access to a training expert, Bridge works with world leaders in sport to create tailored workout programs that are delivered via the platform. Bridge offers programs for teams and athletes in Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Swimming and Water Polo. The BridgeAthletic platform is trusted by some of the world's top athletic teams ranging from high school and club to NCAA D1 and professional. BridgeAthletic was co-founded by Michael Sharf, a former professional water polo player, and Nick Folker, an Olympian and world-renowned Performance coach.