Xfusion Media, USA Rugby Partner to Bring Affordable Mobile App Coverage to Rugby Community

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - Xfusion Media Corporation announced today that it is has signed a partnership with USA Rugby as their official Mobile App provider. Through this new partnership, USA Rugby member organizations will have the opportunity to purchase Xfusion's unique mobile app at a discounted price and utilize their syndication software for revenue generation.

USA Rugby will leverage the Xfusion App Syndication Platform to provide their youth, high school college and State Rugby Organizations an opportunity to utilize the Xfusion software at a discount as not only a communication tool for fans, athletes, coaches and sponsors but as a sponsorship platform of syndicated push notifications and content.

"We love disruptive partnerships with great organizations like USA Rugby as they not only are out of the box advanced thinkers, but they have the courage to be innovators when it comes to communications and connecting with the fast growing Rugby sports community in the US" said Xfusion Media CEO and Founder, Rex Halbeisen. He goes on to say "USA Rugby will lead virtually all sports in the way they engage and connect with their stake holders in a world where maintain attention is becoming more difficult and increasing expensive.

"Rugby is the fastest sport in the United States and we feel the advanced mobile platform Xfusion Media is providing will allow us and our sponsors to stay connected to our growing base of fans, athletes, coaches, clubs, and alumni 24/7, 365," said USA Rugby Director of Operations Jen Gray. "Our fans, referees, coaches and athletes will all now be able to stay connected with everything we are doing, all at their fingertips."

About Xfusion Media
Founded by serial software entrepreneur Rex Halbeisen in 2002, Xfusion Media Corporation is a leader in providing mobile solutions for teams, clubs, schools, higher education, non-profits and businesses. Xfusion Media is a leading developer of Apple and Android mobile apps that are published in 26 languages. More information can be found at http://Xfusionx.com.