All-Americans in Utah for Stars and Stripes Camp, AIG WCAA selections

SALT LAKE CITY - Ninety-six young women arrived on the campus of University of Utah Tuesday ahead of the USA Rugby All-American Stars and Stripes Camp.

Based on age, players will first be divided into Junior All-American (under-20) and Collegiate All-American (under-23) teams - Stars and Stripes - for matches Thursday, June 30, and Saturday, July 2. Coaches, including Dartmouth Head Coach Katie Dowty and Central Washington Head Coach Mel Denham, will scout athletes during the first match for potential reorganization of the teams for the second set of matches.

Following the Camp, an AIG Women's Collegiate All-Americans squad will be selected by Head Coach Sue Whitwell for two matches against Canada's Maple Leafs development side at Regional Athletic Complex. Both matches - Tuesday, July 5, and Saturday, July 9 - will serve as curtain raisers to the second and third match days of the Women's Rugby Super Series, featuring the Women's Eagles, Canada, England, and France. Whether invited to Camp as a Junior or Collegiate All-American representative, players may earn their place with the age-grade national team in the Stars and Stripes matches.

Along with Denham and Dowty, New York Rugby Club Head Coach James English and Denver Black Ice Head Coach Jon Mooney will lead the Collegiate and Junior sides, respectively, throughout the week. Assistant coaches Evi Ashenbrucker, Sharon Blaney, Bernie Cantorna, and Kelly Seary have all attended past national team assemblies as part of the Training and Education Pathway, and will work with Whitwell and AIG Women's Junior All-American Head Coach Wil Snape to improve the players' understanding of this level of play as well as their own coaching abilities.

Central Washington's Asinate Serevi was a member of the WJAA team that defeated Canada's under-20s twice last year, and was selected to the senior assembly at University of Utah this week. Several Wildcat teammates, as well as representatives from D1 Elite schools Brigham Young, California, Life, Lindenwood, Penn State, and Stanford, are in attendance at the Stars and Stripes Camp.

Selections for the WCAAs facing Canada's Maple Leafs will be announced at the culmination of Camp. The July 5 and 9 matches will be broadcast live on The Rugby Channel from Regional Athletic Complex.

Stars and Stripes Camp Rosters

Junior All-Americans | Stars and Stripes

Hannah Austin - Denison University

Morelia Ayala - Chico State

Lizzie Bellis - University of Wisconsin

Olivia Bernadel Huey - Stanford University

Kayla Canett - Fallbrook High School

Amber Chandu - NYRC

Rachel Elson - Vassar College

Allison Gallagher - Eckerd College

Akilah Guzman - Kennesaw State University

Moriah Halteman - Fresno State

Shayla Heagy - Indiana University

Sisileti Hingano - BYU

Atumata Hingano - Danville Oak High School

Seini Ieremia - Utah Lowland Lions

Katelina Kaaihue-Afalava - At Large

Cynthia Kelly - Life University

Kimaada Kiongozi - University of Southern California

Paulina Las - Lindenwood University

Hannah Lewandowski - Central Washington University

Taylor Makowski - Northside Dragons High School

Daisy Manoa - Danville Oaks High School

Joanna Moreira - Central Washington University

Michele Navarro - Fallbrook High School

Maryjane Pasioles - Sacramento High School

Annakaren Pedraza - Lindenwood University

Neariah Persinger - Lindenwood University

Tiffany Person - Lindenwood University

Emily Prentice - Kent High School

Demi-Lee Pretorius - NYRC

Sisilia Puaka - Belmont Shore

Sophie Pyrz - Penn State

Katherine Ramage - Dartmouth College

Megan Reilly - Bloomsburg University

Becca Jane Rosko - Summit High School

Emily Roskopf - Quinnipiac University

Alexandria Sedrick - Utah Lowlands Lions

Addily Sorenson - Utah Lowlands Lions

Cassiane Stevens - University of Colorado

Clare Sullivan - Tulane University

Lia Tauililli - Lindenwood University

Kristina Tomelloso - Saint Mary's College

Danielle Walko Siua - Notre Dame College

Caitlin Weigel - Harvard University

Whitney Wilson - Life University

Emma Workman - BYU

Junior All-Americans Coaches | Stars and Stripes

Katie Dowty - Head Coach

Evi Ashenbrucker - Assistant Coach

Jon Mooney - Head Coach

Bernie Cantorna - Assistant Coach

Collegiate All-Americans | Stars and Stripes

Nicole Benedetti - Brandywine Riot

Madeline Brenner - Tulane University

Kaitlyn Broughton - Life University

Sarah Buonopane - Beantown

Ashlee Byrge - Davenport University

Gabriella Cantorna - Penn State

Chelsey Cobler - Eastern Kentucky University

Allyson Day - Norwich University

Sheila Decker - Norwich University

Amanda Divich - Lindenwood University

Brenna Donahue - Davenport University

Lanoira Duhart - Winona State University

Yejadai Dunn - Dartmouth College

Allison Dykes - Little Rock Stormers

Frieda Fetu'u - Berkeley All Blues

Tess Feury - Penn State

Emily Fulbrook - Scion

Summer Harris-Jones - University of Virginia

Mckenzie Hawkins - Lindenwood University

Rebekah Hebdon - BYU

Katana Howard - Twin Cities Amazons

Kayla Hunkin-Clark - AIC

Leah Ingold - Central Washington University

Jennifer Johnson - Central Washington University

Bailey Johnson - Minnesota Valkyries

Bridget Kahele - AIC

Hannah Lange - Western Oregon University

Maya Learned - Harvard University

Emily Lessner - Virginia Tech University

Jessica Lewis - University of California

Katherine Loughran - University of Notre Dame

Darian Lovelace - Life University

Irayda Macedo - San Diego Surfers

Carolyn Mackey - Virginia Tech University

Ilona Maher - Quinnipiac University

Etta Mailau - Vipers

Hunter Moreland - Davenport University

Azniv Nalbandian - Penn State

Madison Ohman - Life University

Uzoamaka Okoro - Brown University

Danielle Ordway - Davenport University

Taylah Pipkin - Penn State

Megan Rom - Life University

Elizabeth Rose - Penn State

Frencesca Sands - Dartmouth College

Haley Schafer - Central Washington University

Megan Shalvis - University of Nevada-Reno

Carly Waters - Penn State

Collegiate All-American Coaches | Stars and Stripes

Mel Denham - Head Coach

Kelly Seary - Assistant Coach

James English - Head Coach

Sharon Blaney - Assistant Coach

Coaching Staff | Stars and Stripes

Sue Whitwell - AIG Women's Collegiate All-American Head Coach

Wil Snape - AIG Women's Junior All-American Head Coach

Rick Humm - Coaching Advisor

Frederic Bardot - Coaching Advisor

Kristin Zdanczewicz - Strength and Conditioning

Michael Souders - Strength and Conditioning

Katherine Henry - Physiotherapist

Itsuko Yamaguchi - Physiotherapist

Amie Kern - Physiotherapist

Gage Berry - Physiotherapist

Annemarie Farrell - Manager

Lance Pruett - Manager

Jeff Horton - Manager

Match Schedule | Stars and Stripes (all matches located at Regional Athletic Complex)

WCAA Stars v Stripes - Thursday, June 30 @ 11 a.m. MT

WJAA Stars v Stripes - Thursday, June 30 @ 2 p.m. MT

WCAA Stars v Stripes - Saturday, July 2 @ 9:30 a.m. MT

WJAA Stars v Stripes - Saturday, July 2 @ 11:30 a.m. MT

AIG WCAA v Maple Leafs - Tuesday, July 5 @ 1 p.m. MT

AIG WCAA v Maple Leafs - Saturday, July 9 @ 11 a.m. MT