AIG MCAAs leave Australia with 1-2 record, invaluable experience

BALLYMORE, Queensland - BLK Queensland Premier Barbarians gave the AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans one final lesson on their Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog in a 43-40 defeat of the American tourists Saturday.

Saint Mary's College's Dylan Audsley scored 15 points and captain Aladdin Schirmer scored his second try of the Tour as the All-Americans searched for a lead throughout the 80-minute encounter. The All-Americans finish their campaign at 1-2 following an earlier defeat of Darling Downs and a close loss to Brothers Rugby in Queensland.

Like in the match against Brothers, the MCAAs kept the first-half difference low with two penalty goals by Audsley matching two Barbarians tries. Conor Kearns dotted down with about 10 minutes remaining to give the MCAAs a 13-12 advantage, but Queensland restored its lead, 17-13, ahead of the half-time whistle.

Another Audsley penalty and a try from Tua Laei were scored in the first 15 minutes of the second frame, but the scoring plays were outdone by a 28-point output by the home side for a 43-21 score line heading into the final 10 minutes. Schirmer led the comeback bid with a 70th-minute try before University of Utah's Chad Gough and Zach Bonte of University of California, Los Angeles, went over, but it was not enough to overcome Queensland, 43-40.

The All-Americans have returned home and will be heading off to their collegiate institutions and new senior club teams in the coming weeks before the 2016-17 competitive calendar begins.

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | v. Queensland Premier Barbarians
1. Mason Pedersen
2. Alex Vorster
3. Dino Waldren
4. Malon Al-Jiboori
5. Vili Helu
6. Wes Hartmann
7. Zach Bonte
8. Aladdin Schirmer (C)
9. Nick Boyer
10. Conor Kearns
11. Deion Mikesell
12. Cody Melphy
13. Bryce Campbell
14. Tua Laei
15. Dylan Audsley

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | Reserves
16. Chad Gough
17. Chance Wenglewski
18. Alex Maughan
19. Matt Jensen
20. Kevin O'Connor
21. Roland Blackiston
22. Scott Dean
23. Vetekina Malafu

Queensland Premier Barbarians | v. AIG MCAAs
1. Garrath Ryan
2. Francois Postal
3. Trent Anderson
4. Matt Bennett
5. Sam Fattal
6. Jayden Rodwell
7. Max Allen
8. Michael Richards
9. Nick Chapman
10. Teti Tela
11. Gus Qasavakatini
12. Stevie Hunt
13. Dan Faumuina
14. Conrad Quick
15. Waylen Skipps

Queensland Premier Barbarians | Reserves
16. Sam Clifton
17. Cody Blackhurst
18. Tererina McLean
19. Pat Morrey
20. Conor Anderson
21. Billy Thompson
22. Ed Gibson
23. Jeremy Skelton

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog
v. Darling Downs Select Side - W 31-17
v. Brothers Rugby Football Club - L 36-34
v. Queensland Premier Barbarians - L 43-40