Back to Brisbane

The AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans are in Australia on their Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog. They will play three matches in the span of eight days before returning home. The following is a blog post from one of the All-Americans on tour, Mo Katz of James Madison University.

Typically, the day after a rugby game is a slow and uneventful one. This was not the case for the USA MCAA group on Sunday here in Queensland. Around 8 AM, the team made its way to Willows Health down the road for a recovery swim and cycling session. Many players got a sweat going and everyone had an opportunity to stretch out in the gym's brisk water. After surviving the Darling Downs match with only some bumps and bruises, we were shocked when the pool bottom maliciously attacked our Captain, shedding blood in the process. Mr. Schirmer got his noggin glued back together while the rest of the boys grabbed some breakfast and returned to the apartments to finish travel preparations.

With the bus packed seemingly more so than ever, we said goodbye to our generous friends at Quest in Toowoomba (photo) and set off for Brisbane. Various screens played game film throughout the rows of seats and beautiful landscapes flashed past the windows. We arrived at Quest in Breakfast Creek following the two-hour drive and dropped our belongings at our home for the remainder of the week.

The tour's quick pace continued as our Welldog liaison, Bobby, informed us of the afternoon plans. University of Queensland was scheduled to battle Brothers Rugby Club for the Queensland Rugby Premier Grand Final and we had the chance to watch the match. It was an excellent back-and-forth fight with Brothers eventually prevailing to the delight of many fans in Ballymore stadium.

Dinner for the squad - sponsored by Old Blue Rugby Club - followed by a brief film session wrapped up the exciting weekend. We further familiarized ourselves with a new set of roommates before getting some much needed rest.