Day 3: Contact

The AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans are in Australia on their Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog. They will play three matches in the span of eight days before returning home. The following is a blog post from one of the All-Americans on tour, Roland Blackiston of California State University, Long Beach.

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It has been a hectic tour so far. Flying in to Australia, meeting all of the guys, learning the gameplan from the coaches, and being ambassadors for our great nation. We are at the third day and we finally get to have a little contact. We were able to sleep in a little longer today before we had to go to unit works. The forwards were working on lineouts while the backs were passing. Once we were done with unit work we went back and made breakfast. I'm pretty sure that my roommates (Nick Boyer, Scott Dean, and Bryce Cambell) and I make the best food. We had a nice roommate breakfast and then headed off to meetings. We went over the previous practices and saw what we could improve on to be ready for Saturday. After meetings we headed to the field for our first practice of the day. Everyone is excited because the first game is drawing nearer and we finally get some contact. We went over the game plan during practice and ran with great speed and intensity. We went back to our home base and had lunch and more meetings. Then it was off to our second practice. We worked more on the game plan and the contact was harder. Everyone was giving it their all. It was amazing to see how talented all the players are on this tour. They are all superstars for their team and they give everything they have to show that they deserve to be here and want to be future Eagles. After practice we showered and got dressed up for dinner. We had an excellent dinner from a local restaurant. I am still trying to get used to the jet lag so by the time we got home I was ready to go to sleep. It was only 8pm. My roommates and I tried our best to reach our goal of 10pm. Every time we checked the clock it seemed to be moving slower and slower. So far this tour has been a great experience. I'm taking everything in like a sponge and taking every bit of advice. This has improved my skills and confidence in my skills in just the past few days. I can't wait for it to be Saturday and represent the United States of America in Australia.