WPL All-Stars roster announced

The Women's Premier League All-Stars, coached by New York Rugby Club's James English and Oregon Sports Union's Beckett Royce, will assemble in Southern California June 28 in preparation for the July 1 match against the USA Women's Eagles.

Kicking off at University of San Diego's Torero Stadium immediately following the Rugby World Cup 2019 Qualifier between the USA Men's Eagles and Canada, the Women's Rugby Worlc Cup 2017 preparatory match will be broadcast live on The Rugby Channel. Tickets for the event can be purchased online.

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WPL players, including some candidates that have been training with the Eagles, numerous All-Americans, and National Team pool players were considered for selection.

"James and I are really looking forward to coaching this talented group of athletes," Royce said. "There's a great mix of youth and experience represented here, and we tried hard to have players from every team in the League represented."

Unfortunately, due to availability, not every team that competed in the 2016 season will be represented.

"To me, it's really regrettable that we don't have players from all WPL teams present on this squad, especially a club with such a strong and celebrated history as the [Berkeley] All-Blues," Royce said.

"The depth of the WPL's talent is quite remarkable, though, and we are very pleased with the strength of this inaugural All-Star team," she continued. "It will be a wonderful experience for the athletes - exposing them to an even higher level of play and teaming up with other top players that are usually adversaries rather than allies."

Along with the honor of being selected for this squad, each athlete also incurs a large financial burden including airfare and other travel costs. The Local Eatery & Drinking Hole, US Women's Rugby Foundation and the Betterwithteammates Foundation have contributed as main sponsors, with the Betterwithteammates Foundation matching every $100 donated. All money donated goes directly to the athletes and coaching staff costs. To join in and support, donate here. Cutoff for donations is Friday, June 23.

Women's Premier League All-Stars

Adrienne Acosta - Oregon Sports Union

Evi Ashenbrucker - New York Rugby Club

Ayden Bain - New York Rugby Club

Tia Blythe - San Diego Surfers

Sarah Chobot - Glendale Raptors

Maggie Craig - Atlanta Harlequins

San Juanita Fetuuaho - Oregon Sports Union

Ali Gillberg - Twin Cities Amazons

Paris Hart - Oregon Sports Union

Rachel Johnson - Oregon Sports Union

Phaidra Knight - New York Rugby Club

Molly Luft - Oregon Sports Union

Claire Lundy - Oregon Sports Union

Emily Magee - New York Rugby Club

Candace Mahoney-Watson - Oregon Sports Union

Dana Meschisi - San Diego Surfers

Maggie Olney - DC Furies

Melissa Polheber - Glendale Raptors

Kyla Roth - San Diego Surfers

Beckett Royce* - Oregon Sports Union

Brooke Saunders - New York Rugby Club

Kristen Shalosky - Glendale Raptors

Christen Suda - Glendale Raptors


About the Women's Premier League

The Women's Premier League (WPL) features the nation's top women's rugby talent and is the highest level of senior club 15s competition in the U.S. The WPL consists of 10 teams from coast to coast that are split into two five-team conferences. An eight-game regular season is followed by tournament play for the USA Rugby WPL National Championship title each fall. WPL players make up a bulk of the U.S. national women's team: the USA Women's Eagles.

Founded in 2009, the League is completely player-run and operates in partnership with USA Rugby.