Falcons Return Home from 2018 South American Tour

Sudamérica Rugby 7s proves to be an invaluable experience

LAFAYETTE, CO. -- Two rigorous weeks of training, travel and competition in South America have ended as the Men's Falcons return home after completing the 2018 Sudamérica Sevens tournament last week. Finishing 10th in the first leg at Punta del Este, followed by 9th in the second leg at Viña del Mar, the Falcons left with a fulfilling experience that allowed them to grow far beyond the field of play.

"This tour was a great learning and developmental experience on and off the pitch for our young side, allowing for a taste of the rigors of international play," said Head Coach JD Stephenson, describing the value of the competition for the growth of future Eagles.

The young group of athletes - coached by USA Rugby's own High Performance Talent ID Manager - faced international teams who were all fighting for one of two spots at either the Hong Kong Sevens Tournament or the Rugby World Cup Sevens this year. Though the Falcons were unable to clinch a position in either tournament, the competition allowed them to grow both as individual athletes and teammates; preparing them for a promising future in rugby.

"The staff and playing group were open minded, adaptive and self-aware to take as much possible away from this experience," says Coach Stephenson. "I'm personally extremely grateful to work with and have been a part of an incredible staff and a playing group with a bright and exciting future."

Though they got off to a tough start in Punta del Este, the Falcons went on to win their final three consecutive matches at Viña del Mar; showing an adaptation to the heightened level of play which allowed them beat Colombia twice (28-17 and 14-12) and Paraguay (36-10) before ending in 9th place.

Overall, the exposure to international competition proved to be an invaluable opportunity for the Falcons who will now look to continue their advancement on the path to becoming Eagles.

USA Men's Falcons Roster | 2018 Sudamérica Sevens Tournament

1. Pat Blair
2. Nick Boyer
3. Ben Broselle
4. Alex Elkins
5. Naima Fualaau
6. Siale Maka
7. Anthony Salaber
8. Devin Short
9. Sam Walsh
10. Zach Webber
11. Connor Wallace-Sims
12. Anthony Welmers

USA Men's Falcons Staff | 2018 Sudamérica Sevens Tournament

JD Stephenson - Head Coach
Adriaan Ferris - Assistant Coach
Ben Schuler - Physiotherapist

USA Men's Falcons Point Scorers | 2018 Punta del Este 7s

vs. Uruguay - 27-12 (L)
Tries: Anthony Salaber, Siale Maka 
Conversions: Naima Fualaau 

vs. France - 29-5 (L)
Tries: Nick Boyer 

vs. Brazil  - 29-5 (L)
Tries: Ben Broselle 

vs. Canada  - 31-26 (W)
Tries: Anthony Welmers, Alex Elkins, Sam Walsh (2), Nick Boyer
Conversions: Sam Walsh (3) 

vs. Colombia - 21-5 (L)
Tries: Connor Wallace-Sims 


USA Men's Falcons Point Scorers | 2018 Viña del Mar Sevens 

vs. France - 33-7 (L)
Tries: Connor Wallace-Sims 
Conversions: Sam Walsh 

vs. Uruguay - 17-12 (L)
Tries: Ben Broselle, Alex Elkins
Conversions: Sam Walsh 

vs. Colombia  - 28-17 (W)
Tries: Anthony Welmers, Sam Walsh, Devin Short, Zach Webber
Conversions: Sam Walsh (4) 

vs. Paraguay  - 36-10 (W)
Tries: Anthony Welmers, Anthony Salaber, Sam Walsh, Alex Elkins, Devin Short, Zach Webber 
Conversions: Sam Walsh (3) 

vs. Colombia - 14-12 (W)
Tries: Anthony Salaber, Nick Boyer
Conversions: Connor Wallace-Sims, Sam Walsh