Safesport Releases new user-friendly course

Lafayette Co.- The United States Olympic Committee's program, Safesport, has announced the release of a new and more user-friendly course to help educate those involved in sport on the best practices for keeping participants safe and if necessary, reporting abuse. USA Rugby was one of the first National Governing Bodies to fully adopt Safesport and works with the USOC, our membership and leadership to implement its protections.

Safesport's mission is to "make athlete well-being the centerpiece of our nation's sports". They do this by educating all Coaches, Referees and Administrators in best practice of dealing with athletes and participants. They also provide a vibrant reporting mechanism and investigatory process for any abuse of participants within a sport. The new course has been specifically developed to help coaches, referees, players, and administrators to navigate through potential abusive issues of any kind.

Safesport is also a tool to report and to investigate alleged issues. Raising the public's awareness of the reporting and investigatory tools is one of the main areas Safesport has been hoping to promote through its new course design. USA Rugby members are encouraged to report any issues they have witnessed or heard about that might fall within the category of this abuse. Every member and participant within rugby has an obligation to make our sport welcoming and free of abuse of any kind.

As part of the new launch, USA Rugby has debuted its online education platform, with several courses available, including Safesport. This is part of USA Rugby's commitment to creating a supportive and safe environment for all of those who participate in the game.

All USA Rugby Referees and Coaches are required to be Safesport certified to be considered active and compliant. Administrators and anyone affiliated with teams and clubs of any age, gender and level are encouraged to take the Safesport Certification to increase the knowledge of best practices. The certification is a two-year certificate, renewing is part of the registration process for our members.

For more information on Safesport or to make a report, click here.