Congress releases agenda for first gathering of 2018

USA Rugby Congress looks to focus on open discussion.

DALLAS, TX - With Congress set to gather this coming weekend, much is to be reviewed and discussed as the organization comes out of a strong 2017. In the interest of transparency to USA Rugby Members, congress today released its agenda and discussion topics for public consumption. Minutes from the three day gathering will also be available after they have been collected post event. See agenda below.

FRIDAY - 2/9

• Congress Workshops
• Reception
• Congress Workshops


• Welcome Chairman USA Rugby - Will Chang
• Review USA Rugby 2017
 - Fiscal Update
 - Look Forward 2018
 - Q&A [Focus on Membership, Administration, Programs as National Team Review]
• RIM Review 
 - 2018 Outlook, Implications on Rugby in USA
 - Jeremiah Johnson Q&A
• Rugby World Cup Sevens Presentation - Dan Payne
• High Performance Overview
  - USA Eagles teams
  - Men's and Women's (15s & 7s)
• NGB Presentation: Youth - Discussion Q&A - Kurt Weaver
• NGB Presentation: College - Discussion Q&A - Rich Cortez
• Overview: USA Trust Review - Chris Reed
• NGB Presentation: Club - Discussion Q&A - Erik Geib 
• Board Nominating Process Work Group Recommendations
• Bylaw presentation and Discussion
• Congress Organization Review - Committees and USA Rugby Organization Discussion - Mark Lambourne
• Congress Open Items
 - Topics to be supplied by Members [Rugby Administration- Referee Status]
• Watch USA Eagles v Canada


• Day One Review
• Youth Workshop State of the Union- Bullet Points
• College Workshop State of the Union- Bullet Points
• Club Workshop State of the Union - Bullet Points
• Leadership Council Review- Re Election - Changes
• Open Discussion
  - Items for action
  - Creations for 2018 activities 
• Next Meeting Dates and Location