USA Rugby Introduces the “20:40 Challenge” to Grow Local Referees

Lafayette, CO.- Training and Education announce the start of the 20:40 initiative. It is a nationwide initiative aimed at getting all local organizations and parties to work together, as a unit, to grow the local area referee pool. The initiative gains its name from its goals, to have 20 new certified Level 1 referees and 40 newly certified touch judges in 2018 within local rugby communities.

The Level 1 course has recently received a face lift from World Rugby. The course is entirely practical based, to ensure a more enjoyable, and engaging learning environment. The touch judge course, is relatively new as well. In 2017 it was moved online, and as a result has seen hundreds of new participants pass the course. The course Is short and only takes an hour to complete. Once the course has been completed the participant, providing they pass, receives their certification.
USA Rugby will be working at a grassroots level to help promote this initiative. They will be employing the help of the local Geographic Unions, State Rugby Organizations and Local Rugby Organizations to help with community outreach to promote local training courses and to help incentivize these courses.

For more information on hoisting a Level 1 coaching course email