Eagle Alumni Network Spotlight: Zach Fenoglio

Zach Fenoglio is a man of many talents; whether it's being published as a co-author on an ophthamology research article or playing as hooker for the Eagles in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, he continually strives for excellence. After hanging up his boots in 2016, Fenoglio has since taken to a slower-paced lifestyle, but hasn't lost his passion for the game.

Meet Zach Fenoglio!

USA Rugby Trust:When and where did you play rugby?
Zach Fenoglio: I started playing rugby in high school at Regis Jesuit High School (Colorado). I continued to play at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles) while in college, then played for one year for Belmont Shore Rugby Football Club before moving back to Denver. I have played for Glendale since 2012.

USART: When did you play for the Eagles?
ZF: I have been fortunate to play through the entire age-grade program. I started with the U19-U20 program from 2007-2009, then I played for the Collegiate All-Americans from 2010-2011. I played with the Eagles from 2012-2016.

USART: What is your favorite rugby memory?
ZF: Hands down the national anthem in my first World Cup game against Samoa in England. There were many ups and downs in my career leading up to the moment, and to have the opportunity to represent my country, family and friends on the World Cup stage was truly an experience hard to put into words. The arena was electric and standing for the national anthem is a moment I will never forget.

USART: Where are you now?
ZF: I am now living in Denver. I'm still playing with the Glendale Raptors but retired from USA back in 2016. I am currently working as a Sales Representative for Stryker Sports Medicine.

USART: What do you believe is the most important factor in growing the sport of rugby in the US?
ZF: I think there are two imperative things for rugby to grow in the U.S., one from the playing perspective and one from the viewership perspective. I believe that we need to continue to develop and grow coaches for the youth. Rugby is a skilled sport and needs to be addressed at the youth level for true growth to happen on the higher level. And on the viewership side, we need to reach to people who have not played rugby or are already apart of the rugby community. There are so many fans of the NFL, NBA, etc. that did not play the sport but have a passion and attachment to it. Reaching the new fan base to create excitement for the sport is huge for the growth of the game in this country.