Frontier Region Sets Up for Playoffs

This weekend the Frontier Region continues to wind down as teams get closer and closer to their Playoffs.

Mid-America Men's Division II:
It was a great weekend for Saint Louis rugby, as both the Royals and the bombers were able to walk away with their matches against the Omaha Goats, and the KC Blues D2, respectively, victorious. In the case of the Royals they won 48-12, while the Bombers put away the Blues 33-10.

Rocky Mountain Men's Division II:
Boulder rugby was able to travel to the Park City Haggis and walk away with an upset win 27-19. From the opening whistle Boulder had the lead and worked hard to keep it. However, in the 50th minute the Haggis were able to inch ahead 19-17. This was a short lived lead, as eight minutes later Boulder reclaimed the lead and held on to it until the end of the match.

Rocky Mountain Men's Division III:
In the third division of men's play the Colorado Springs Grizzlies continued to solidify their place on the top of the heap, after they beat the third placed Queen City Rams 33-14. The Rams were able to get off to a hot start in the first half and when the crossed once again in the 44th minute to go up 33-7, the game had been decided.

Rocky Mountain Men's Division IV:
It was a clean sweep for the Grizzlies, as their D4 side were able to see off the Queen City Rams D4 side, 29-12. Contrastingly to the Division III game, it was the Rams that got out to the early lead, but after conceding the first point of the game, the Grizzlies scored fourteen unanswered points to give them a lead that they refused to relinquish.

Rocky Mountain Women's Division I:
In the only women's game that was played this weekend in the Frontier Region, Utah put away Glendale with ease 51-10. Glendale had been missing a few of their key starters, but Utah were able to show why they are the defending conference champions in a dominating performance.