The Midwest Spring Schedule Continues to Provide Quality Matches

This first week of April showed a surge in competition for both the men’s and women’s sides throughout the Midwest.

Women's Division I - GOLD CUP
Detroit hosted the second round of the Gold Cup this weekend, displaying a clash of Midwest and Mid-Atlantic teams. The clear victor was Raleigh Venom who dominated both Detroit on Saturday (48-12) and Chicago on Sunday (91-7). Northern Virginia came away with two less prominent wins as well versus Chicago on Saturday (41-7) and Detroit on Sunday (43-5). Both Detroit and Chicago were able to prevent shutouts though putting at least one try on the board in all games. The next round of Gold Cup will continue in Austin on April 21-22 with the Midwest carrying hopes for

While the Thunderbird Cup continued on this weekend, a clear struggle with numbers led to a number of cancelled matches. However, those teams that did play scaled up the intensity considerably.  

Detroit Tradesmen D3 vs Jackson Fenians
Despite fielding only 14 players, the Jackson Fenians travelled to Detroit for a showdown versus the Tradesmen ending in a disappointing 99-0 loss.

Akron Rugby vs South Pittsburgh Hooligans
For Akron's season home opener they faced off against the DII South Pittsburgh Hooligans. In spite of a losing fall season, Akron was able to pull together and maintain ball possession to pull out a solid win over the Hooligans.

Oshkosh Pigs vs Fox Cities Gargoyles
Oshgosh Pigs versus Fox Cities Gargoyles was a particularly hard fought match with the winner moving up to Division III for the upcoming fall season. Although Oshkosh was able to strike first for a 12-0 lead, Fox Cities rallied to tie the game in the second half before landing a game winning try with just minutes left on the clock. The final ended in a close 17-12 score.

Chicago Lions D3 vs Milwaukee Rugby
Milwaukee headed south Saturday to face the DIII Chicago Lions side.  The Lions clearly dominated in the first half dotting down a number of tries without rebuttal. Minutes into the first half, though, Milwaukee's Matt King was able to drive in a hard-earned single try to put them on the board. Despite not scoring any further, Milwaukee's heavy hitting forwards were able to prevent the Lions from racking up the score further to end in a final of 49-7.