USA Rugby Remembers 1991 Women’s World Cup Team

27 years to the day, the 1991 victory was a key indicator for the future of the Women’s Program

27 years ago today (Sat, Apr. 14), the 1991 Women's Eagles made history. In what is recognized as the first Women's Rugby World Cup, the United States pushed through four stages of pool play, then quarter and semi finals for a meeting with England that saw them clinch a World Championship.

Defeating England with a result of 19-6, the 1991 Women's Eagles competed in front of almost 3,000 fans for an event that has since grown to incredible proportions. As a result of their historic and noteworthy performance, the team was inducted into the USA Rugby Hall of Fame ahead of the most recent 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup where the Women's Eagles finished in fourth-place.

Now, more than two decades later, former player Tara Flanagan reflects on the glory of her team's achievement and the thrill of owning a rugby World Championship title.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think of that day, ¬our coaches, my teammates and what it felt like to win a World Cup," says Flanagan, who has always been an instrumental advocate of growing the Women's game in the United States. "The World Cup was lifted and the World Cup was ours. We were and forever will be, the 1991 World Cup Champions."

The 1991 USA Women's World Cup Team proved to audiences around the world that American Rugby has a foothold in the competitive landscape of the sport. And, with the success of the Women's Eagles during the most-recent 2017 World Cup, as well as the addition of Rugby Sevens to the Olympic program in 2016, the future of women's rugby continues to shine brightly.