The Culmination of a Crazy PRP Season

A hat-trick of impossible that was Belmont Shore’s season

Samurai Sportswear Pacific Rugby Premiership
Belmont Shore's season started with an impossible.  Up against San Francisco Golden Gate (SFGG) in Round 1, Belmont converted a try in the final play to snatch the victory (and what would ultimately be the final spot) from SFGG 29-30.  No try or no conversion, and it would have been SFGG playing for the title, and Belmont vying for 3rd.  Fast-forward to last week which pitted Belmont against a strong Life West side, and the Gladiators were definitely poised to play spoiler.  Belmont not only won, but earned a 4-try bonus point; the second impossible because no bonus point = no final positioning.  And so here they were, on the final stage against Old Mission Beach Athletic (OMBAC) trailing 29-28 on the tails of a Tim Stanfill try and a Logan Boggs Conversion with 16 minutes left in the game.  At this point, it seemed the favored OMBAC, who were once 7-0 and atop the standings, would retain the lead and press for the title.  Belmont Shore, however, still had an impossible left.  With pair of tries from Greg Daniel and one from Pita Semeane, Belmont precipitously thundered to a 29-47 lead.  OMBAC's final chance to answer was a reflection of its last few games of the season.  A mishandled kick, a forced knock-on from an offside position, a quick-tap off the penalty from Belmont chasers, and Andrew Jackson dotted the ball down across the white line, driving the dagger deeper into the wound that was OMBAC's season.  The final was 29-54, with Belmont scoring nearly half those points in the final 15 minutes of play.  Belmont Shore will travel to Fort Worth, Texas on May 19th to face the Austin Blacks in the National D1 Club Semi-Finals. 

SFGG faced Life West for third place, with San Francisco treating the Gladiators to a 47-34 defeat. 

For 5th place, Santa Monica Dolphins easily swam away with the victory over Olympic Club 41-5.