Thunderbird Cup Produces Electrifying Results

Thunderbird Cup

Chicago Lions D2 vs. Cleveland Crusaders (Premier):
Both Chicago and Cleveland headed to Lemont for a friendly face off amidst the Midwest Select Sides Tournament. Cleveland put up points first with a long range kick followed by a try and successful conversion. The Lions quickly retaliated, though, ending the half at 14-10. And while second half showed more back and forth scoring, in the end the Lions held off the Crusaders to win 29-24.

Columbus Rugby vs. Detroit Tradesmen (Premier):
The Tradesmen headed down to Columbus on Saturday for a two thrilling games. The D2 side matched up against the Aurora Barbarians, and despite a sloppy start ended up winning 52-12. Shortly after, the D3 team faced a tough Columbus Motley Squad. Although close at halftime, the Tradesmen were able to pull off a 44-24 win in the end.  

South Pittsburgh Hooligans vs Presque Isle Scallywags:
Despite only having 15 players, Presque Isle faced off against the South Pittsburgh Hooligans for an intensely fought game. The lack of subs proved problematic in the end, though, as Pittsburgh was able to pull ahead with a close 40-38 win.

Canton Maddogs vs Cleveland Rovers:
Canton continued their winning streak this week at their home pitch versus the Cleveland Rovers. Both teams were able to dot in multiple tries for a close first half. However, Canton tightened their defense second half, allowing no future scores and nearly doubling their point total for a 53-21 final score.

Midwest Select Sides Tournament

Senior Women
Despite narrowly losing to Wisconsin in unfavorable weather a few weeks ago, the CARFU team came out hard to beat a strong Minnesota side 48-19.

Later that afternoon, Ohio, fielding only 14 players, battled against Wisconsin for a full 80 losing admirably with a final score of 47-14.

Senior Men
Over on the men's division, Iowa quickly asserted dominance by racking up countless tries over Michigan while Minnesota had no problem plowing through Ohio's defense for a well-earned victory.

U 24 MEN
In the first U24 matchup of the day, Minnesota was able to beat a short-handed CARFU team 38-24. Later in the afternoon, though, they lost 32-17 to a strong Michigan side. And in an interesting turn of events, CARFU was able to regroup for a 40-34 win over Michigan. The overall winner came down to a point differential making Michigan the day's victor.