Harlequins, Old White, and New Orleans Win Respective Divisions at Music City 7s

The Atlanta Harlequins, the Atlanta Old White, and the New Orleans RFC emerged as winners at the Music City 7s Tournament.

The Atlanta Harlequins, the Atlanta Old White, and the New Orleans RFC emerged as winners at the Music City 7s Tournament.  The tournament took place in Nashville, TN on Saturday, June 9.  The Harlequins took home women's trophy, the Old White claimed the men's, and New Orleans finishing first in the social.

On their way to winning the top prize, Atlanta Harlequins blanked Nashville 43-0, followed by a much closer win 22-15 with the Pineapple Gang.  The Harlequins actually lost the third game to Phoenix (21-14) to finish up in pre-championship rounds of play.

However, the ladies from Atlanta turned up the heat, defeating Orlando 15-14 in the semi-finals.  Most fittingly, the Harlequins defeated Phoenix 19-17 to win the women's division.

In the women's bracket the Top Six clubs finished as the following: 6) Columbia, 5) Pineapple Gang, 4) Charlotte, 3) Orlando, 2) Phoenix Rugby, and, of course The Harlequins finishing at Number One to win the Women's at the Music City 7's.

For the men, Atlanta's Old White RFC defeated Nashville 42-7, but lost their next match to Southern Pines (SOPI) 21-12.  In their final pre-playoff games, Atlanta rebounded and won the matchup against the Legion RFC 36-12.

In semi-finals and Finals play, the Old White toughened up.  In Atlanta's semifinal contest against Charlotte 26-19. The Old White had the opportunity to right their wrong - winning a game lost in pool play against another club for the championship - as Atlanta defeated 34-21 SOPI to win the men's title.

The Top Six Women's clubs at the 2018 Music City Sevens club finished as follows:  6) Knoxville, 5) Legion of Doom, 4) Memphis, 3) Charlotte, 2) Southern Pines, with Atlanta's Old White taking home the D-III trophy.

In the social division, the New Orleans Louisiana RFC (NOLA) won the club's tournament unscathed Just two games her NOLA defeated Asheville 40-5, followed by routing the Hopkinsville 41-0, and defeating the Outsiders 48-0.

In the semifinals, NOLA defeated, the Memphis JR 17-7 followed by the Championship match against Chattanooga 19-12.