South RCT Sets Up for Another Hard Fought Competition

The South RCT kicks off this weekend at Life University and will draw the best select sides from the South,

Marietta, GA. -  The South RCT kicks off this weekend at Life University and will draw the best select sides from the South, as well as teams traveling from as far away as Colorado, in what promises to be an exciting tournament.

It's a tournament that, despite its relatively young status, has roots that run incredibly deep throughout for those involved. This is perfectly exemplified by its tournament director, Colton Cariaga, who has been involved with the tournament since he was participating in it himself. With such an extensive connection with the competition he, more than others, is the perfect judge of how the competition is shaping up, and by all accounts it will be the best one yet. "I can say is that the standard has been improving at a high rate. That's what's most impressive," Cariaga explained. "You can tell the youth players are starting to understand the little nuances of the game." The continued growth and development of these adolescent plays a large part in why the South continues to be one of the most fiercely contested competitions in the RCT circuit.

Last year's tournament was swept by North Carolina, who managed to take out Tier 1, 2 and the middle school tournament. While comprehensive in appearance, North Carolina had to fight off some stiff competition to claim their impressive haul last year. According to Cariaga, if they want to do it again they'll be in another toughly fought weekend against foes old and new. "Some of the old challengers will be competing but also Rugby Colorado. I am interested to see what they bring to the table, as we know plenty of talent comes out of that state."  

The RCTs play a critical role in the development of youth rugby throughout America, but they also play an important part in growing the game at all levels. For the South RCT it helps promotes Life University, one of the premier rugby colleges in America. While, it is an established force within the college rugby community, it may not be on the radar of many high schoolers looking to college, the RCT provides Life with an opportunity to put itself on the forefront of many high school rugby players' minds.  "Getting young people on campus is great for the rugby program but also for the university as a whole. They may not know what Life University is now, but they sure will after this weekend." The RCTs also promote the game nearby within local communities, perfectly exemplified by Rugby Georgia producing teams for all levels of competition this year.

For Cariaga, the most rewarding part of the RCTs isn't just the opportunity to grow the game, but it's the chance to unearth the next American rugby star. "The next Cam Dolan or Perry Baker could be out there this weekend. This could be the opportunity that gets them noticed." Even if they don't find the next budding star it's the teaching moments that carry the most importance to Cariaga, "Everyone will learn something this weekend that they'll carry with them for the rest of their life. Actually witnessing those moments is pure gold."


The South RCT kicks off on June 22.