The Past Repeats Itself: Life West Gladiatrix beat Raleigh Venom for The Women’s Division I Title

The Life West Gladiatrix once again reign supreme over the Women’s Division I Clubs as they win their second Division I title in as many years, beating the Raleigh Venom in a repeat of last year’s championship match.

Glendale, CO.- The Life West Gladiatrix once again reign supreme over the Women's Division I Clubs, as they win their second Division I title in as many years, beating the Raleigh Venom in a repeat of last year's championship match.

"It was a pretty special for us, in the sense that we played for eighty minutes that considering that we put a performance in that we were very happy with," noted Adriaan Ferris Life West's head coach, after the game.  

The game kicked off to a lightning quick start, with the Gladiatrix scoring twice in the first ten minutes to get out to a 12-0 lead. It looked like there may have only been one team in it at the beginning, but Raleigh took a look at themselves and came right back out after conceding the second try and seemed like a new team. They immediately applied pressure to the reigning champs on both sides of the ball. In the 17th minute the pressure paid off when Jazamine Grey crossed for the first of her two tries in two minutes. Just like that the Venom had taken over the momentum and put themselves right back into the thick of it.

Just as quickly as they had put themselves back into it the Gladiatrix took them right back out of it. In the space of ten minutes the Gladiatrix put in a mammoth shift and scored four tries to push what was a tied game out to a 26 point lead at the half. The scoring spree was set off by the tight head prop and eventual MVP of the game, Catherine Benson. She crossed in the 24th minute for the first of her four tries in the game. While the lead was 38-12 at half time, nobody in the crowd was counting Raleigh out.

As was the case in the first half, Life West shot out of the gates and was quick to add to their half time lead but Raleigh, knowing their time was running out, stormed back into the game scoring two tries in two minutes, to bring the match to a 45-22 score. However, all the momentum that had been building for Raleigh slipped away when a skirmish erupted engulfing the majority of both teams. The Venom received a red card, and the Gladiatrix received a yellow, but the player advantage would prove to be the antidote for the Gladiatrix and the game escaped the grasp of the Venom.

In the final twenty minutes of the game the women from Northern California took full advantage of their player advantage and ran in an unanswered 46 points. The final score line was Life West 91, Raleigh 22. The score line isn't flattering but it does not reflect how competitive the Venom were throughout the match, and if it hadn't been for the red card, there is no accounting for what could have happened. Ferris admitted after the game, "We were put under a lot of pressure... After twenty minutes they were really in the game and full credit to them they played really well." As Life West continues their undefeated streak, one of the exciting storylines as next year approaches is will it be another undefeated season for the Gladiatrix, or will someone knock them off from on top their perch.