Jazz Take Commanding Position in Frontier Qualifiers

Kansas City Jazz bounces back after a poor start to the competition to claim the first frontier qualifier.

Women's qualifying in the Frontier Region got underway at the Legacy 7s Tournament in Glendale, Co. With only one spot in nationals available and with only two qualifying tournaments, teams were under pressure to perform early and often. Eventually it was the Kansas City Jazz that prevailed, pulling off an upset over the Rocky Mountain Magic (formerly Glendale Merlins) and got their foot in the door to nationals.

In pool play, it looked like the tournament would be the Magic's to lose, running through their opposition in a dominant fashion. They got off to a hot start against the Jazz winning their pool match 34-0. The Magic continued to go through the rest of pool play without a loss. Similarly, the Jazz ran the table after their first round loss. At the end of the pool play Rocky Mountain Magic sat on top of the table, the Jazz were in second with the Rocky Mountain Magicians finishing third, rounding out the pool were Black Ice and the Colorado Springs She-wolves.

Due to the small nature of the tournament, the teams entered straight into the championship games after pool play. Which meant that Kansas City had their shot at redemption, and they didn't miss. The game began in a tight affair, but was blown out by the Jazz when a series of fumbled restarts by the Magic handed the Jazz prime attacking real estate. The Jazz were clinical and moved up to a 26-7 lead. However, the magic still had a little something left up their sleeve and were able to claw back to be within 7 points of the Jazz. Unfortunately, for the Magic, it was too little too late and the Jazz took home the qualifier.

Qualification for both teams now comes down to Denver 7s in two weeks' time. The equation is simple, you win and you are in. For Rocky Mountain their equation is a little bit more difficult, as they need to win and secure the better point differential; given their impressive first win of the day, that might not be far out of their grasp.