WPL Action Gets Back Underway With All Star Game

The WPL gets back into motion this weekend as the best in the league compete head to head in their All-Star Game.

After an eight-month hiatus we once again have Women's Premier League (WPL) rugby, as the East vs. West All Star game kicks off on Saturday July 28; at the University of Denver's Pioneer Field. The game is scheduled for a 2:30PM MDT kick off.

Each conference has selected its best players based off nominations given by team's coaching staff led by performances turned in last season. It should then come as no surprise, that nineteen of the forty-two players selected came from years' champions and runners-up New York Rugby Club (NYRC) and Glendale Merlins respectively.

On top of the nineteen finalists already involved, there is a showcase of talent on display with nine capped Eagles appearing: Alycia Washington, Jessica Davis, Kaelene Lundstrom, Sarah Chobot, Jennifer Lui, Hannah Stolba, Christiane Pheil, Tia Blythe and Megan Foster. As well as six returning All-Stars from last year's event including: Maggie Olney, Sarah Chobot, Kristen Shalosky, Adrienne Acosta, Tia Blythe and Ali Gillberg.

Gillberg, one of the returning All-Stars, has a unique perspective, not only on this game but on the season as a whole, working as Director of Marketing and Sponsorships for the WPL. While it may seem like a daunting challenge, for Gillberg they are both just extensions of one another, "I think it actually helps motivate my rugby game since I put a lot of time and effort into getting more people involved and excited about the league, so I like to back that up with playing good rugby."

Good rugby will be a theme throughout the 10th season of WPL. Given the ever-growing talent pool that has been developing through the country, various teams have been pushing for the spots in the WPL. The League has reintroduced the promotion and relegation system, Gillberg noted the added pressure will increase the standard of play, "With the reintroduction of promotion and relegation it is more important than ever to stay out of the bottom and avoid being pitted in a challenge match. We have a new rush of teams interested in stepping up and joining our league and the pressure from Divison I is certainly motivating."

While All-Star matches aren't traditionally played before the season commences, it does create some unique opportunities to set the stage for the competition ahead. One such opportunity is the chance to develop connections and pathways with the national side, as last year the All-Star game was the last game the Eagles played before the World Cup. This year, the connection to the Eagles continues as they will be interacting with head coach, Rob Cain. Gillberg mentioning, "We are excited to continue and deepen our relationship as a league with the Eagles and their staff and give the players an opportunity for a big match to warm up for the WPL season that starts up August 18th!"

It promises to be a great game and the perfect way to kick off another exciting season of WPL action.


Shelby Lin New York Rugby Club
Kristen Siano New York Rugby Club
Yeja Dunn Beantown
Darian Lovelace Atlanta Harlequins
Maggie Olney DC Furies
Tahlia Brody New York Rugby Club
Gio Cruz New York Rugby Club
Bailey Johnson Twin Cities Amazons
Monique Compito Atlanta Harlequins
Lauran Glover DC Furies
Emily Jones Beantown
Alexa Scott New York Rugby Club
Sam Luther  Beantown
Misha Green New York Rugby Club
Alycia Washington New York Rugby Club
Megan Rom Atlanta Harlequins
Jessica Davis Beantown
Ali Gillberg Twin Cities Amazons
Andrea Villanova New York Rugby Club
Kaelene Lundstrom Twin Cities Amazons
Jenn Salomon New York Rugby Club

Head Coach: Rosalind Chou


Sarah Chobot Glendale Merlins
Denali Graham Glendale Merlins
Alli Hale Glendale Merlins
Joanna Kitlinski Glendale Merlins
Jennifer Lui Glendale Merlins
Joanna McElroy Glendale Merlins
Kelsie O'Brien Glendale Merlins
Kristen Shalosky Glendale Merlins
Hannah Stolba Glendale Merlins
Juliann Tordonato Glendale Merlins
Charli Jacoby Chicago North Shore
Christiane Pheil Chicago North Shore
Kadie Sanford Chicago North Shore
Brittany Simunac Chicago North Shore
Adrienne Acosta Oregon Rugby Sports Union
Tia Blythe San Diego Surfers
Megan Foster San Diego Surfers
Matelina Maluia San Diego Surfers
Dana Meschisi San Diego Surfers
Kimdinh Tran San Diego Surfers
Brittany O'Dell Chicago North Shore

Head Coach: Kittery Wagner-Ruiz