WPL Expert Picks Week 6

Playoff Push Starts Now!

The Women's Premier League (WPL) is now halfway done, and will embark on their return leg fixtures this weekend. Teams will face their Week 1 opponents, and each team will be itching to start the playoff run on the right foot. The most impactful games of the weekend, in terms of standings, will be San Diego hosting Berkeley and Atlanta hosting Beantown. The winner of the Berkeley San Diego game, will buy themselves some much needed breathing room. While, the loser will have to win out for the rest of the season, if they are to keep their dreams of post season glory alive. If Atlanta wants to keep pace with Beantown in the Red Conference, they have to win this game. If Beantown wins, they could potentially open a nine-point lead in the conference standings. There is plenty on the line this weekend and the pressure is only going to continue to rise from here.