The Value of Rugby – Newest Tool for Sharing the Game with your Little Rugger

Erin Kennedy, Co-Founder at Girls Rugby Inc., has been working in youth rugby development for the past ten years. After receiving a lot of the feedback from teachers, coaches, and parents about the need to have a tool that will help teach the values of rugby to children, she decided to create one.

The Value of Rugby is a children's book aimed at children aged 8-10 to teach them about the core values of rugby. The values of Respect, Integrity, Solidarity, Discipline, and Passion
come to life for readers as they follow Coach Valerie and her Rookie Rugby team through various adventures throughout the book.  

"Rugby is a special game with a culture unlike any other sport. The core values of our game are what makes that culture so unique. Writing this book was my way of helping young kids learn about these values to help build their love for the game" Kennedy said.

"There are not many rugby books written for kids, and I hope that this gives all kids, not just rugby kids, a bit more education on our core values as well as give kids a better understand of how great rugby is" she further explained.

For a limited time, Erin Kennedy is partnering with USA Rugby's Rookie Rugby program to offer a Ball & Book Bundle. Proceeds from the Ball & Book Bundle sales will go directly back to USA Rugby for the benefit of youth rugby development in the U.S.

"Teaming up with USA Rugby for the Ball & Book Bundle is a great way to introduce kids to the game and put a ball in their hands. Now they can read their favorite stories and live the values on their rugby team" Kennedy concluded.

Bundles are only available while supplies last and through the end of 2018. Visit to order a Hard Cover or Soft Cover book and size 4 Rookie Rugby ball.