MLR Week 5 Power Rankings: Winners are Moving Up

After their loss to RUNY how far did NOLA fall?

With some upsets, according to last week's power rankings, occurring there were some shifts in how our experts viewed this week's edition. NOLA Gold and Rugby United New York went into week four as the number one and two team in the power rankings. As RUNY were able to sneak by NOLA, they were rewarded with the top spot, while the Gold slid down to two. San Diego were convincing in their win over Utah, but the voters weren't convinced enough to move them up further in the rankings. The other changes came after the Seattle Seawolves defeated the Toronto Arrows. It was a tight game, but the home crowd go them over the line. Despite getting their first win of the season, the Glendale Raptors were unable to move up. Utah and Austin both lost denting their chances of advancing in the rankings and the SaberCats were out on a bye.