Sisters Could Become Opponents at the Women’s D1 Elite Semifinals

Two sisters could go head to head at the 2019 Women’s D1 Elite National Championship – and neither sister would plan to take it easy on the other.

When it comes to the 2019 Women’s D1 Elite National Championship, there could be one set of parents in the stands cheering for both sides. Kim and Troy Fallon have two daughters playing in the Women’s D1 Elite Semifinals over the weekend – one playing for Life University, the other playing for Central Washington University. If both teams advance, the pair of sisters will find themselves facing-off in the national championship.

“Opponents first, sisters second.” That is what younger sister Paige Fallon had to say about the thought of playing her sister in the championship. “You have to get into the right mindset; we would be playing an important match after all. In the end, she will always be my sister no matter the outcome” she added.

Currently, Paige is a freshman at Life University while her older sister Hannah Fallon-Suka is a senior at Central Washington University. If the sisters find each other playing in the national championship, this would be the first time the two have ever been opponents on the pitch - and neither sibling is planning to let that stop them from playing their hardest.

“Paige and I both have different skills and abilities when it comes to how we play. I think being able to play against each other would be an opportunity to see that more clearly – and I certainly do not plan to take it easy on her” said Hannah.

Paige followed up saying, “I will go as hard as possible because I want to prove that I can meet my sister’s standards and then exceed them.”

Their responses are precisely the dynamic that their father, Troy Fallon, was expecting the girls to have.

“I would love to see how Hannah and Paige respond to each other the field” Troy said. “I am expecting a dynamic of the older sister showing the younger sister how it is done. Hannah is a tough cookie – I don’t think she will let up on her little sister”.

For the Fallon family, rugby has been a long time family affair.

“Our son was the first interested in rugby then our three daughters followed suit. It was when Hannah started showing an interest in the sport that I decided I would get involved as a coach.” Said Troy.

“We’ve seen first-hand how rugby can influence children for the better – and that is where a lot of our excitement as parents come from,” said Hannah and Paige’s mother, Kim Fallon.

“I would say the earlier, the better when it comes to getting your children involved in rugby. I have seen my children positively evolve over the years, and I believe a big part of it came from playing rugby” she continued.

Troy echoed the impact, “I have watched how this sport has transformed my daughters into self-confident individuals that know their true ability to negotiate the world.”

“Being their coach and their father, watching them play, and watching them develop has been amazing. Now with the chance to see the two compete against each other, let alone compete at this level, we are just thrilled.” Troy concluded.

He isn’t the only one feeling the excitement. Paige explained how the D1 Elite Semifinals was something she watched when she was younger. “And now I get to compete in that competition alongside my sister. Even though we are not on the same team, we are both taking part in something that is a great opportunity” Paige said.

This pair of sisters along with their teammates will take part in the Women’s D1 Elite Semifinals this weekend. Will the two sister advance to the Women’s D1 Elite National Championship? Tune to USA Rugby TV this Sunday to find out.

Lindenwood University Lions vs. Central Washington University Wildcats at 11 am ET
Life University Running Eagles vs. Penn State Nittany Lions at 1 pm ET.