Frontier Region: Massive Matches Set Up

There wasn't a lot of action this weekend, but what games there were set an exciting stage for the upcoming weeks.

Men's Division II:

The Wichita Barbarians continued their impressive season going 6-0 and capping their perfect regular season off with a 47-22 win over the St. Louis Royals. Outside Center, Absiez Timothy bagged a triple in the match.

Little Rock Stormers finished atop their competition with a well earned 38-24 win over the Arkansas Gryphons. 6 different people scored tried for the stormers with their wing, Michael McGruder leading the efforts scoring a double.

Park City Haggis guaranteed their spot atop the Rocky Mountain Premiership at the season’s end with their 33-14 win over Boulder Rugby. Last year’s national champions, the Denver Barbarians beat the Denver Harlequins, 86-10 and now will play a must win game against Boulder Rugby this weekend.


Women’s Division II:

The St. Louis Sabres demonstrated the talent that took them to the national championship last year, with a 86-0 win over the Kansas Bison. Jolene Steibel and Dominesha Newton both scored hat tricks in the win.


Men’s Division III:

The Queen City Rams, survived an upset by beat the Colorado Springs Grizzlies 22-20. It was a 76th minute try to Luke Porter, his second of the day, which ended up being the difference between the two squads.   


Men’s Division IV:

The Colorado Springs Grizzlies and the Queen City Rams were able to switch results in Division IV play, as the Grizzlies won 59-22. Murray Shackelford scored a double in the win.