Athletes’ Advisory Council

Who we are

A group of current and former athletes serving USA Rugby leadership roles.


To educate rugby athletes about their rights and protect and advocate for those rights in support of advancing USA Rugby’s mission.

Roles and Objectives

Athlete Education

Advise rugby athletes of their rights and resources available to them through an AAC website, face-to-face presentations, and email and social media.

Athlete Communication

Facilitate dialogue between athletes, USA Rugby and USOC through soliciting player input on key issues; representation at USA Rugby congress and board meetings and USOC assemblies; and disseminating USA Rugby and USOC information and policy updates to athletes.

Athlete Welfare

Advocate for increasing and improving athlete support service including higher education and career development services, alumni programs and networks, Elite Athlete Health Insurance, Safe Sport and other health and safety programs.

USA Rugby Cooperation

Ensure USA Rugby’s compliance with Olympic principles by participating in the development of High Performance plans, reviewing competition selection procedures and athlete agreements-such as Code of Conduct documents and commercial terms agreements-and ensuring 20% athlete voice and vote on all USA Rugby committees.

How we operate

We address day-to-day issues collectively over e-mail; conduct monthly conference calls to discuss initiatives and agenda items; and hold face-to-face meetings in conjunction with major USA Rugby events. Please contact us individually or collectively with any issue-from anti-doping concerns to selection grievances to athlete welfare ideas-and we will discuss the issue internally, place it on the monthly agenda or schedule a face-to-face meeting as indicated in order to determine how best to proceed. We will never disclose any identifying information regarding your issue without your consent. We are here to ensure all USA Rugby athletes have a voice from the Eagles through the grassroots level!

Index of athlete rights and rules