All In, All the Way

The key to the success of rugby as a sport in the US lies in the degree of cooperation of all the parties involved in the sport in this country. From youth organizations, to high schools, to colleges, clubs and the national teams and national office, there needs to be a coordinated, and united effort to take rugby to the next level in the US.

Coaching and sport are best served when the principles and policies of the worldwide and national federations work in harmony with the needs and experiences of athletes in local communities and the organisations facilitating their participation.

The International Sport Coaching Framework, Version 1.1

The new requirements, courses, resources, and opportunities that make up the USA Rugby Coach Development Program are aimed at developing a comprehensive and progressive pipeline that will allow coaches to work together to provide our players and teams with the best coaching possible. To achieve USA Rugby’s goals a “structure” was needed to be constructed on which to build the program and its components.