Become an Eagle

How to Represent the US at Rugby

To represent the United States at the international level an athlete must be dominant at the club level, with a command of the core skills of catch and pass, tracking and tackling, evasive running and separation, and support at the tackle contest.If an athlete feels s/he has been overlooked by national scouts at the club or in the competitive pathway, s/he can enroll in a USA Rugby Academy camp to further opportunities for identification. Click here for a schedule of additional identification camps.

USA Rugby is looking for athletes that as a baseline have the physical attributes at some stage to star on the world stage with speed, agility, size, and / or other physical attributes that set one apart. More importantly, though, we are looking for athletes who have a proven track record of learning quickly, can become students of the game, relish decision making in a multi-dimensional environment, have self-control, manage adversity well, and have a growth mindset.

Talent Identification

Men's Eagles Sevens World Class Physical Performance Standards

USA Rugby National Development Academies

USA Rugby Men's National Team Player Nomination Form

Eagle Eye Scouts and National Team Coaches will identify players who should be in the respective National Training Squad based on performance in competition or standing out in a USA Rugby Academy event, followed by an outstanding performance at a National Tracking Camp.

The goal of all players should be to gain admittance into the National Training Squad. The National Training Squad is an annual development program aimed at enhancing the athleticism, rugby core skills, and individual specialty skills needed to successful perform on the international stage.

To be identified for National Team selection at the senior club level:

  1. Perform in competition and / or a USA Rugby Academy event
  2. Attend an identification Camp
  3. Admitted into National Training Squad