Become a Women’s All-American

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AIG Girls High School All-Americans
The AIG Women’s High School All-Americans consists of the best high school rugby players in America. In their first year, the GHSAA squad will compete in the inaugural Stars vs. Stripes game.

Selection Process:
To become a HSAA, athletes need to be selected for their state all-star team. State All-Star teams then compete in one or more of the seven Regional All-Star Tournaments (RASTs) throughout the country. HSAA scouts attend the RASTs to make selections for the HSAA squad. To find out more information about your state all-star team, please contact your State Rugby Organization. For more information regarding the team and selection process, please contact High Performance Player Development Manager Luke Gross.

AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans
Formerly knowns as Women’s Under-20 (U20), the AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans is made up of the best young women in the sport from across the country. Four regional camps were held this past March with 160 athletes participating in the two-day camps. There were more than 300 athletes nominated for the team.

Selection Process:
There are two ways players may be selected for the WJAAs. Regional scouts may recommend stand-out athletes to the WJAA coaches or club/college coaches may nominate a player by filling out the nomination form.

For more information, please contact WJAA Head Coach Wil Snape.

AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans
The AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans consists of the best college rugby players in America. Two regional combine camps and a filter camp will be held in May and June for the best women’s U23 rugby players.

Selection Process:
To nominate a potential WCAA, please fill out the nomination form and/or contact WCAA Head Coach Martha Daines.