Board of Directors Application

Term of Office

Two years. New directors may be elected by the Board to fill vacancies for the unexpired portion of the term being vacated. Members can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.
Time Requirements

Most of the board's work is done in board meetings, committee meetings, special events, projects, and in preparation for them. On average each board member volunteers five hours per month to these activities. Full preparation and participation is expected of each member of the board.

Board Meetings

The full board meets four times per year. Board members are expected to attend at least one meeting in person and call in for at least two other meetings.

Committee Meetings

Committees meet at the pleasure of committee members in order to accomplish certain tasks by established deadlines. Attendance and participation is essential for the committees to accomplish their goals.

Orientation Sessions

There will be at least one half-day orientation session held in conjunction with the next board meeting immediately following elections. The Nomination committee will arrange for other orientation sessions as needed.

Other Time Requirements

  • Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Social Events: We normally have two or three social events per year where Staff, Advisors and Board members can interact.
  • Strategic Planning: We hold a one-day retreat each year to review and update our strategic plan. This may be done on the same weekend as a scheduled board meeting.

Selection Process

  • Board members and Staff identify prospective board members. These are individuals who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to values shared by the USA Rugby Foundation.
  • Prospects receive a package containing information about USARF, its programs, bylaws, committee descriptions, projects, Memo of Understanding and additional information to assist in understanding the commitment that is required. Qualified prospects are then invited to interview at a Board meeting, orientation session, or other event.
  • Upon completion of the interview(s), the Board will vote whether or not to accept the prospective member to serve on the Board of Directors.