Catch and Pass

Coaching Cues – Pop Pass

  • Thumbs on top of the ball
  • Push the ball across the chest
  • Point towards target to finish

Coaching Cues – Spin Pass

  • Power hand drives through the ball
  • Guide hand provides direction
  • Use wrists, forearms, and triceps to increase velocity
  • Point towards target to finish
Coaching Cues – Scrumhalf Pass
  • Low center of gravity with feet wide for balance
  • Point lead foot towards ‘target’ area
  • Pick and Pass the ball in one motion
  • Keep shoulders down and aimed towards target to finish

Key Factors – Passing

  • Run straight
  • Hold the ball in both hands
  • Commit/move the defender to create space
  • Stay balanced with ability to move laterally
  • Turn side-on to the defense, to face the supporting receiver
  • Swing the arms in the direction of the pass
  • Use the elbows and wrists to control the speed, flight, and accuracy of the ball
  • Follow through and point with the hands in the direction of the pass
  • Pass to the ‘target’ area at chest-height in front of the receiver
  • Support the receiver after completing the pass

Key Factors – Receiving

  • Run towards the space created by the passer
  • Stay far enough behind the passer to allow acceleration towards the flight of the ball
  • Extend the hands to catch the ball early
  • Watch the ball into the hands
  • Catch the ball with the fingers and hands
  • Once the ball has been caught, choose an option