• Overview


    Under the new coaching structure every coach, regardless of their background is responsible for completing the following requirements in order to have an “current” standing with USA Rugby. If you want guaranteed liability coverage then your team needs to be considered “in compliance”. Having a registered and “current” coach is one of the 3 requirements for a team to be considered “in compliance”.

    A coach is considered “current” for the membership cycle when they complete the following (for detailed instructions on how to complete each step, select the menu item on the left):

    1. Register as a coach with USA Rugby
    2. Pass a biennial background screening
    3. Complete the Player Protection Package
    4. Complete a certification course
    5. Annually maintain “current” status

    (Note: These are the minimum requirements in order to be in compliance with USA Rugby regulations. Please be sure to contact your local governing body (SRO, GU, Collegiate Conference etc.) to make sure you are in compliance with any locally enforced regulations)

  • Register


    Register As a Coach

    1. For instructions on how to register click here.
      • By selecting “Coach” as your role you will automatically receive a biennial background screening.

    Multiple Role Registration

    Multiple Role Registration– If you have acquired another role throughout the year and need to be affiliated on another roster, you may now register for additional roles by logging into your member account and selecting “Renew Your Membership.” The new role(s) will be discounted as appropriate at the end of the registration. An FAQ for multiple role registration can be found here. If you require additional assistance, please contact membership@usarugby.org.

    Note: Once you have registered as a coach you are responsible for completing all of the USA Rugby Coaching Requirements

  • Background Check

    Background Check

    All coaches are required to pass a biennial background screening.

    Background screenings are conducted automatically upon your registration as a coach. As long as you fully complete the registration process, including providing your Social Security Number, than there is nothing more than you need to do to facilitate this process. If you do not provide your Social Security Number than this process will not automatically take place.

    Background Screenings generally take up to 14 business days (from registration) to be completed. Please schedule your registration process with this in mind.

    If for some reason you did not include the necessary information to facilitate a background screening, you will be required to complete separate form which will be available by the end of Monday, August 18.

    *If you were registered through a bulk upload please contact the USAR membership department to initiate this process.

    To read more about USA Rugby’s background screening policy click here

  • Protection Package

    Protection Package

    As part of USA Rugby’s continuing efforts to place a stronger emphasis on player safety within the sport of rugby, the Player Protection Package was added to the core list of coaching requirements.

    The Player Protection Package is a regular requirement and consists of two free online courses revolving around player safety.

    When you complete the Player Protection Package courses, send the completed certificates to education@usarugby.org.

    NOTE: Please register for these courses using the same spelling of your full name as it appears in our USA Rugby Membership Database. This will help minimize any certification upload errors.

    The two required courses are (click on each to reveal completion instructions):

    • World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public

      Complete the World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public”

      1. Go to http://playerwelfare.worldrugby.org/?documentid=module&module=21
      2. Click “log in” in the upper right hand corner
        • If you do not have an World Rugby Account, follow prompts to create account
      3. Click on “Start Module”
    • USOC SafeSport

      Complete the USOC SafeSport course”

      1. Click Here
      2. Read the instructions provided.
      3. Click the first module.
      4. You will be asked to sign in with your USA Rugby log-init you are not already logged-in.
      5. You will be directed to the SafeSport site. No other log-in will be required.
      6. Follow the directions to complete the module.
      7. The certificates will be sent to USA Rugby automatically.
      8. No need to send them to us.
  • Certification


    Every coach must have completed a USA Rugby Certification course in order to be listed as an “active” coach.

    To complete the Level 100 certification follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for World Rugby’s Rugby Ready online course.

    Every contact team must have at least one Level 200 certified coach for the team to be considered in compliance–Starting 8/31/2014.

    A coach’s certification level will not expire, however their “active” status can lapse if they do not annually maintain their status. For more information on how to annually maintain an “current” status click here.

    Coaching Certifications must be completed in sequence. Cick here to see updated pathways for coaches.

    To view a list of the upcoming Level 200, 330 and Strength and Conditioning Courses click here.

    If you are a certified coach in another country it may be possible to receive an equivalent USA Rugby certification. For more information contact Robby Crips – rcrips@usarugby.org

    The first step in Coach Certification is to complete the World Rugby Rugby Ready/ USA Rugby Level 100 course

    To complete the World Rugby Rugby Ready online module:

    1. Go to http://rugbyready.worldrugby.org/ and click on the Register button.
    2. Enter your personal information and create a Username and Password.
    3. Complete all 14 of the lessons marked with an “X.” These lessons are called
      • Pre-participation
      • Equipment, environment and emergency plan
      • Physical Conditioning
      • Lifestyle
      • Warm up
      • Principles of Play
      • Open Field Play
      • The Tackle
      • The Ruck
      • The Maul
      • The Scrum
      • The Lineout
      • Cool Down & Recovery
      • Injury Management

    *Note- Once completed please email your Rugby Ready certificate to education@usarugby.org to have it associated to your USARugby profile.

    Please contact education@usarugby.org with any questions you may have.

  • Annually "Current"

    Annually "Current"

    Coaches are responsible for annually maintaining their “Current” coaching status.

    Every team requires at least one “Current” coach in order to be considered “in compliance.”

    You can maintain “Current” status by annually completing 10 Professional Development Credits.

    You can find a list of Professional Development opportunities click here