Club Strategic Commitee

The Club Strategic Committee has been created to serve the following purposes:

  • To support/advise the CEO in the creation and delivery of a strategy for the development of Men’s and Women’s Club rugby.
  • To consider and make policy recommendations to the Rugby Committee of USA Rugby with regards to Club Rugby
  • The Laws of the Game
  • Health and Safety
  • Medical Welfare
  • Discipline
  • Program and Infrastructure Development
  • High Performance
  • Competition structures
  • National Championships
  • Eligibility
  • Refereeing and coaching development and policies
  • Any other matters pertinent to the development / management of Men’s and Women’s Club Rugby

The Committee shall be composed of a Chair who shall be approved by the Board of Directors of USA Rugby, he/she will select committee members who will represent all areas of the Club game. The Chair has the authority to co-opt experts to the Committee on a temporary basis to assist in matters such as Health and Safety, Medical matters and/or other areas where expertise is required.

The committee must include 20% international athlete representation as stated in the USA Rugby bylaws.

The President of Rugby Operations and/or that person’s nominee shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee and will provide the secretariat.

The Committee has the power to establish Sub-Committees, Advisory Groups and Discussion Panels to assist in the development of the Club game.

Alan Sharpley (Chair)
Lucy Zugschwert (ex-officio)