Course Structure

This is the on-line component of the Level 200: Coaching Rugby Contact course. It will provide you with an understanding of the theory of coaching, videos of technical execution, and prepare you to participate in the in-person/on field certification clinic. During the certification clinic portion you will take the information provided in the on-line component and be able to demonstrate and practice coaching in conjunction with your fellow coaches and a trained USA Rugby Course Leader.

Proper preparation as part of this on-line component will allow you to participate confidently in the clinic and will afford you the best opportunity to improve your coaching knowledge and skills.

Level 200 Coaching Certification Clinic Schedule

Session 1: Review

  • Introduction
  • Review of Online Course Content

Session 2: Principles of the Game

  • Principles of Offense and Defense
  • Evasive Running
  • Catch and Pass

Session 3: Contact Skills

  • Going to Ground and Ball Placement
  • Tackle

Session 4: Team

  • Scrum

Session 5: Review

  • Review
  • Questions