Crispin Club Grant Application

U.S.A. Rugby and Crispin Cider are now accepting applications for the Crispin Club Grant Program. The program is open to any men’s or women’s club that have demonstrated a commitment to the game. Applications will be taken for “Basic” and “Elite” awards. The deadline to submit your club’s application will be November 9th, 2013, the same day the Eagles take on the New Zealand Maori.

Applicants for the “Basic” award will receive substantial support toward helping the club increase their visibility in the community. “Basic” award recipients will be expected to have Crispin signage at all home matches and events, on the club website, and are expected to have Crispin served at their club bar.

Applicants for the “Elite” award will receive double the amount of support as the “Basic” award. “Elite” award recipients will need to demonstrate the same strength as “Basic” applicants but will also need to show a further commitment to hosting events. “Elite” award recipients will receive the same support as “Basic” recipients as well as additional financial support. As such, clubs need to ensure that they are able to meet the expectations for the award. In addition to the same expectations as the “Basic” award, “Elite” recipients are expected to include Crispin on-field branding during home matches and host a minimum of four Crispin-branded events per year.