Key Factor Analysis Quiz

As a coach is observing and analyzing the actions of the players, they should always keep the key factors of the skill in mind. Using the key factors as a “checklist” for players often helps them to recall information, which encourages self-reflection and correction. KFA is the coach’s best tool to use when figuring out how to help athletes improve their skills. To check your own understanding related to the use of key factors, answer the following questions:


1) A coach who is using key factor analysis is using a fixed _________ for comparison during the observation phase of the coaching process.
A) technique B) instruction C) diagram D) skill template      
2)True or False: Key factors help players self-reflect on their performance.
3)________________ is a key factor associated with strong body position.
A) feet shoulder width apart B) sight the target C) curve the back D) one foot forward
4)True or False: Coaches use KFA while observing and analyzing player performance.
5)When playing rugby, the head should be in a _____________ position in a pre-contact situation.
A) forward B) neutral C) deep D) ready

In preparation for the Level 200 Clinic, each participant will need to utilize Key Factors when developing a game or a drill. Example Key Factors are listed in Section 6.