Level 100 Appendix

Objective: Provide a glossary of terms, pictures, laws and images for coaches to reference as a resource of game understanding.


Video 10-Referee Signals

 (50 total) all running between 3-5 seconds in length. All videos will be set indoors with a white back drop and a head to toe front shot of the actor or actress. No audio is needed as text will be added to the description to the video after production.

Male 1 Actor: Penalty Kick, Scrum Awarded, Not releasing ball in tackle, Intentionally falling over player in tackle, Joining ruck/maul in front of back foot, Wheeling scrum more than 90, Handling ball in ruck or scrum, Leaning on player in lineout, Obstruction, Illegal tackle, Award to a 22 meter, Timekeeper to stop watch

Male 2 Actor: Free Kick, Forming a scrum, Tackler not releasing tackled player, Diving to ground near tackle, Intentional collapsing ruck or maul, Foot up by front row player, Throw in lineout not straight, Pushing opponent in lineout, Offside in scrum, ruck or maul, Stomping player, ball held up, TJ – kick at goal successful

Female 1 Actress: Try/Penalty Try, Throw/forward pass, Not rolling away, Unplayable ball in ruck or tackle, Prop pulling down opponent, Scrum throw not straight, Closing gaps in lineout, Early lifting/lifting in lineout, Offside choice: penalty kick or scrum, Punching/foul play, Doctor needed, TJ- Touch and team to throw in.

Female 2 Actress: Advantage, Knock on, entering tackle from wrong direction, unplayable ball in maul, prop pulling opponent on, failure to bind fully, barging in lineout, offside in lineout, offside under 10 meter law or not 10 meters, dissenting, bleeding wound, Tj- Foul play,  {RR- Forward pass, RR- Advantage, RR-Knock on, RR- Try, RR-Lineout} all RR videos will have alternate RR clothing for Referee