Level 100 Intro

Welcome! If you are reading this paragraph you have already taken the first step towards becoming a certified rugby coach. The sport of rugby has a long standing tradition of encouraging physical fitness, camaraderie, competitive spirit, and most importantly, fun! You can find people who play and enjoy the game in every part of the world!  

Image: Pic S1#1 Olympic Team

The growth of the game in the United States is at all-time high thanks largely to its induction into the Olympic games. Athletes of all shapes and sizes, from a diverse array of competitive backgrounds, are ready to test their abilities in a new sport. Also, the epidemic of obesity among young people has parents, teachers, and administrators eagerly anticipating new and creative options for kids to pick up a ball and run with it. In order to meet this important demand, we need knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches to help make a difference in the lives of young athletes.

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We at USA Rugby would like to personally thank you for taking the time to commit to learning how to become a rugby coach. The educational journey you are about to take will help you to provide the best possible sporting experience for both you and all members of your team. As you read this, you are probably asking yourself a number of questions such as “what am I going to learn about rugby?” or “what do I need to know to be a coach?” or maybe even “Am I ready for this?” Answering many of these questions is simple when you review the Coaching Rugby FUNdamentlas educational objectives.      


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