USA Eagles
Canada “A”
Men's Selects XV
Estadio Charrúa
Men's Selects XV @ Estadio Charrúa
October 15, 20172:00 pm SST
Americas Pacific Challenge

Men’s USA Selects close APC on high note, finish runner-up

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - The United States needed a bonus point for a chance to top Argentina XV as Americas Pacific Challenge champions. Scores from #8 Hanco Germishuys would cover the four try mark alone in a 45-26 win over rival Canada A. Collective team offense didn't seem to slow in the slightest after a 49 point showing against Uruguay A on Wednesday. The Argentinians would later defeat Uruguay, ultimately cementing a 2nd place finish for the Men's Selects. 

"This was the 3rd game in 8 days and the fatigue was evident from both teams." noted Head Coach Scott Lawrence,  "More turnovers than we would have liked but that was the game at hand." The Men's Selects would finish the tournament on a high note, holding the lead over Canada A from the 5' to the final whistle. 

After the opening match loss to Samoa A, Lawrence's point of emphasis was to capitalize on strong offensive drives, and find ways to spot the ball in the try zone. Germishuys' second try in the 16' would do just that as the US held their line just a meter out, getting creative and allowing Hanco to push through right under the posts. Bryce Campbell and Angus MacLellan would also notch a try, giving the Americans a 26-12 lead at halftime.

The beginning of the second half saw an early substitution with Ben Cima and Ruben de Haas coming on and keeping a motivated pace of play. Lawrence recognized the young pairing, "They came in, sped up the game, and got us valuable territory. We used two halfback pairings this tour and both worked well for us."

Germishuys continued to capitalize on the quick American offense with a tackle-breaking dash from the opposite field 22-meter line. Canada had momentum toward the try line until #13 Nieuwenhuysen bobbled his pass and inadvertently kicked the ball into space where Mitch Wilson could recover and find Hanco outside for the breakaway.

Germishuys seemed to come up slowly after the grounding, holding his left shoulder. No sustained injury would be the case however, as he remained in the game again found the try zone in the final minute, topping off a 45-26 win.

"The men were resilient and found a way to finish going away in the end." continued Lawrence, "They burned the ships and left it all behind."


By games end, hope for a championship celebration was still in play, but with Argentina XV showing no mercy against Uruguay A in a 82-7 runaway, the United States would finish the Americas Pacific Challenge as runner-up.

"Overall, we were impressed by the team's ability to bounce back and get the better of Uruguay and Canada." added Men's National Team General Manager, Dave Hodges, "Credit to Scott Lawrence, his staff and the players buying into the plan for the program. We will see the benefit of players and staff stepping up to this level and challenging for selection into the senior team."

Men's USA Rugby Selects v. Canada A
Alex Maughan (Sub Wenglewski @ 45')
Peter Malcolm (C) (Sub Vorster @ 62')
Angus MacClellan (Sub Fifita @ 62')
Brendan Daly (VC)
Matt Jensen (Sub Hardiman @ 55')
Ben Landry (Sub Wooching @ 36')
Aladdin Schirmer
Hanco Germishuys
Holden Yungert (Sub de Haas @ 47')
Mike McCarthy (Sub Cima @ 47')
Tim Maupin
Bryce Campbell
Lemoto Filikitonga (Sub Wilson @ 55')
Josh Whippy
Jean-Pierre Eloff