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Women's Sevens  @ The Sevens Stadium
December 1, 20175:15 pm 
Dubai Sevens

Australia dominate Cup Final as Women's Sevens finish runner up in Dubai

DUBAI, UNITED EMIRATES - While the United States Women's Sevens would probably love to hit the proverbial "do-over" button when it comes to the final match of Dubai 7s, that is not the case in regards to the tournament as a whole.

Head Coach Richie Walker reflected, "The girls played their hearts out and I'm proud of them for starting the series out strong."

After a well played tournament, highlighted by two big wins in Day Two against New Zealand and Russia, the Women's Eagles ran into the Cup Final with a high level of confidence. The end result however, would not reflect that as their Australian opponents ran away with a 34-0 win, to claim the Dubai 7s championship. 

With little to note on match play, Emma Tonegato would set the table early with a quick try in the 2nd minute. The young 22 year old kept place through the duration and was eventually named Player of the Final. Routinely after, the Aussies continued to find holes in the American defense and strolled towards a 34-0 shutout. 

 Mike Lee

Taking a step back on the past two days, Walker's team and staff have a lot to be happy with however. In their short history, the Women's Sevens had yet to reach a Cup final, with a Bowl Final being their best finish to date in 2012. With the performance, the US will leave Dubai with 18 points on the series, their best start to a season yet.

Pair that with the addition of Kris Thomas and Cheta Emba for future tournaments, 2017-18 is shaping up to be a landmark series for the United States. Next stop, Sydney, where the Women's Sevens will hope for a rematch with the hometown Australians, scheduled for the 26-28 of January. 

 Walker concluded, "We're going to focus on building what we have done here in Dubai."