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  Craig Joubert, South Africa
Challenge Trophy Quarter Finals

Canada Wins in Overtime, Forces USA to 13th Place Semifinal in Dubai

Day two of the Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens Tournament began with the Men's Eagles Sevens suffering a 10-5 loss at the hands of long-time rival Canada. The United States came into the physical match showing strong defensive capabilities, shutting out the Canadians until the 11th minute and halting their gain of ground. But, Canada would take the win in overtime to force the Eagles to the 13th Place Semifinal where they'll face Wales at 4:38 AM ET.

Canada began the first half making it inside American territory quickly, looking to build enough energy through lateral ball movements to drive them over the line. However, the Eagles employed a defensive strategy that halted the possession heavy Canadians from gaining ground. Early on, Canada's Matt Mullins thought he saw a sure opportunity when he took the ball across the outside, made space and darted towards the line. USA's own Carlin Isles caught up to Mullins easily, however, holding his rival up in the zone and preventing the dot down. Moments later, Canada was back at it again with John Moonlight who, like his teammate, was also held up on what he thought would be a definite score.

The first half continued this way for quite some time. Both the United States and Canada had difficulty moving past the gain line and following through in their attack. Minutes dwindled down and the first half was almost at a close when Eagle Folau Niua picked up the ball and tossed it through USA forwards until it landed with Ben Pinkelman who ran it in for the 0-5 lead, just as the siren blew.

By the time play resumed, a physical match had taken its toll on both the Eagles and Canada. Each had difficulty handling the ball and moving their attack across the pitch until the Canadians finally caught the U.S. off guard with three minutes to spare. Just as the Americans were holding strong against a Canada attack at the line, Phil Berna slid into the corner and slapped down for the try, tying the match 5-5. The conversion failed to make it through the posts and though the Eagles had many opportunities in the final minutes, they were unable to finish by fulltime.

After winning the coin toss in extra time, USA decided to kick to Canada and strategically use the opportunity to put pressure on their opponent. However, possession troubles followed and while the Eagles continued to show strength on defense, they couldn't gain ground with the ball. Soon after, just as Pinkelman attempted a tackle on Connor Braid, Justin Douglas takes the toss from his teammate and drives it in for Canada's winning score, 10-5.

Disappointed in the result, Head Coach Mike Friday didn't shy away from evaluating the pace of the match and his squad's miscues.

"Highly physical game and we should have won but did not through our own pass, catch and grip mistakes. If we improve on that, we will be far more effective in attack," said Friday.

USA RUGBY MEN'S SEVENS ROSTER | Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens

1. Carlin Isles
2. Ben Pinkelman
3. Danny Barrett
4. Matai Leuta
5. Joe Schroeder
6. Malon Al Jiboori
7. Folau Niua
8. Maka Unufe
9. Stephen Tomasin
10. Madison Hughes (Captain)
11. Martin Iosefo
12. Naima Fualaau

USA RUGBY MEN'S SEVENS STAFF | Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens

Head Coach - Mike Friday
Assistant Coach - Chris Brown
Physio - Brian Green
Team Analyst - Paul Goulding
Team Manager - Scott Novack

USA RUGBY MEN'S SEVENS SCHEDULE | Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens

Friday, Dec. 1 - Pool D Play
vs. Argentina - 14-22 (L)
vs. Samoa - 14-26 (L)
vs New Zealand - 22-12 (L)

Saturday, Dec. 2 - Challenge Trophy Quarterfinals 
vs. Canada - 10-5 (L)

Saturday, Dec. 2 - 13th Place Semifinal 
vs. Wales - 4:28 AM ET

The Eagles now move on to the 13th Place Semifinal where they'll face Wales who returns from a 17-24 loss to France. The match will begin at 4:28 AM ET, broadcast LIVE on ESPN3 and on Updates will also be available by following @USARugby on Twitter.