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40 28
19 5
Men's Sevens  @ Allianz Stadium
Sydney 7s
  Jordan Way, Australia
Sydney Sevens Pool Play - Pool D

USA Dominates Rival Canada with Scoring Spree

SYDNEY, AUS. - Perry Baker is adding new meaning to the words "World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year". It isn't just that he scored a hat trick in the first five minutes, or that he made offloads to put his mates in scoring position, it's that he combined skill, opportunity and teamwork to help his squad beat Canada 19-40 and move on to the Cup Quarter Finals at Sydney Sevens. 

"I am very pleased with the boys application of fixing the little things we got wrong in the Aussie game," said Head Coach Mike Friday. "We committed to our process at kickoff time and illustrated, I feel, why we are statistically the best in the world." 

The Men's Eagles Sevens spent the first half of the match on a scoring spree, notching 4 tries to earn a comfortable 28-point lead in the first five minutes. Martin Iosefo took the first possession with a strong run but got stuck and tossed it to Baker for the official score, 0-7. Ben Pinkelman snagged it at the restart, Danny Barrett took it over and Baker drove it in again, 0-14. Within moments, Pinkelman and Baker each took in another one and the Eagles had doubled their score 0-28. 

Accurate passing, strength in attack and dominant restarts allowed the United States to overpower Canada throughout the match. The Canadians struggled early, seeing all four USA tries cross the line before they were able to complete a pass. It wasn't until the very end of the half that Canadian Captain Terry Jones found some luck and put one down himself, 5-28.  

When the second half began, a perfectly-timed offload from Iosefo allowed Baker to score his fourth try of the match. Pinkelman followed with a second one for himself and the United States had positioned themselves on the board at 5-40. 

By this point, Canada was unwilling to go quietly. The squad forced the ball within U.S. territory and gained enough momentum to help John Moonlight inch towards the line, finally crossing for a try, 12-40. Moonlight linked with Jake Thiel shortly after and the Canadians had cut the deficit to 17-40. 

Though Canada fought until the very end, the Men's Sevens had already sealed their position in the Cup Quarter Finals  next to Fiji, when the real battle for the Cup begins at 7:28 PM ET (Sat, Jan. 27). 

Head Coach Mike Friday is ready for the challenge and looking forward to showing Sydney why his squad deserves the Gold. 

"We will need to build on today to compete against a very physical and resilient Fiji team who showed their 'never-say-die' attitude to beat New Zealand at the death," says Friday. "Defensively, we need to be disciplined to dominate collisions and the second efforts in the breakdown. When we have the ball we need to be accurate in our attacking game." 

Men's Eagles Sevens Roster | Sydney 7s Tournament
Perry Baker
Danny Barrett
Madison Hughes 
Martin Iosefo
Carlin Isles
Matai Leuta
Chris Mattina
Folau Niua
Ben Pinkelman (C)
Joe Schroeder
Stephen Tomasin
Maka Unufe
Kevon Williams

Men's Eagles Sevens Staff | Sydney 7s Tournament
Head Coach - Mike Friday
Assistant Coach - Chris Brown 
Assistant Coach - Phil Greening
Physiotherapist - Brian Green

Men's Eagles Sevens Schedule | Sydney 7s Tournament
vs. Australia | 19-26 (L)
vs. Scotland | 26-12 (W)
vs. Canada | 19-40 (W)

Cup Quarter Finals
vs. Fiji | Sat, Jan. 27 - 7:28 PM ET