Women's Sevens
10 10
New Zealand
33 12
Women's Sevens  @ Westhills Stadium
April 13, 20181:32 pm PDT
Canada Sevens
  Adam Jones

Women's Sevens Suffer Cup Semifinal Loss to New Zealand

LANGFORD, B.C. - After a promising start to the Canada Sevens Cup Semifinals, the Women's Eagles Sevens fell to the Black Ferns Sevens, 10-33. Despite taking the first two tries of the match, the United States was dominated by a relentless New Zealand force that exposed wide gaps to run away with the win. With the Bronze Final against France set for 6:54 PM ET, the Women's Sevens will put everything on the line to finish third. 

After an incredible performance against Canada, the U.S. came right out of the gate with a physical and headstrong attack against New Zealand. Aggressive and accurate ball handling at the breakdown helped the squad steal the ball and keep it alive for Jordan Gray to reach over and score, 5-0. 

A second consecutive ruck that fell outside New Zealand's favor when Alev Kelter made a forceful grab and danced her way to the finish line 10-0. Then, moments later, Black Ferns Sevens' Michaela Blyde answered back by way of a small opening along the left flank, 10-7. 

Having given up the first two tries and now sitting three points behind USA, New Zealand discovered a critical weakness in the Eagle form, taking advantage of another wide open gap for Blyde to capture the 10-12 lead. 

With the score still close, the energy was nothing short of magnetic. Only two points behind, with a clear showing of abilities through the day, the Women's Sevens still had every opportunity to win it all. 

But, when play resumed, the dominance of the Black Ferns Sevens rose to the forefront denying any hopes of a USA comeback. 

New Zealand would score three more tries before all was said and done. With sharp strategy at the set piece, Kelly Brazier, Sarah Goss and Portia Woodman all combined for the final 10-33 Black Ferns Sevens victory. 

Though the loss was disappointing, the United States has shown remarkable ability through the second day of play. With a determined attitude and a knowledge of areas to focus, the USA squad has every chance of finishing third. The Bronze final between the U.S. and France kicks off at 6:54 PM ET, LIVE on The Rugby Channel. 

WOMEN'S SEVENS STAFF | 2018 HSBC Canada Sevens

Head Coach - Richie Walker
Athletic Trainer - Kevin Ng
Head of Physical Preparation - Jon Hood
Analyst - Dave Gardner
Team Manager - Liz Strohecker


v. Russia | 14-35 (W)
v. France | 22-19 (L)
v. Japan |  28-7 (W)

Cup Quarterfinals
v. Canada | 28-26 (W)

Cup Semifinal
v. New Zealand | 10-33 (L)