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Women's Sevens  @ Westhills Stadium
April 13, 20184:54 pm PDT
Canada Sevens
  Aimee Barrett-Theron

USA Wins Bronze at Canada Sevens

LANGFORD, B.C. - The Women's Eagles Sevens have won the Bronze Final at the 2018 Canada Sevens tournament. In a hard-fought battle with limited scoring and increased physicality filling both halves of play, the United States held France to one try en route to their 5-21 Bronze Medal victory. Now with 16 points added to their World Series standing, USA has moved up to 5th place, two spots higher than their previous standing and only a points differential away from passing Canada to crack the Top 4. With one stop remaining at Paris Sevens June 8-9, the Americans have every opportunity of making another record finish. 

Following their thrilling 28-26 Cup Quarterfinal victory over rival-Canada and a disappointing 10-33 loss to eventual Champions New Zealand, the Women's Sevens left nothing behind to finish in the Top 3. Through the tournament, it was evident that Head Coach Richie Walker and his squad had found the competitive style necessary to challenge their opposition and perform as a group. The Bronze Final proved just that. 

"Incredibly proud of our team for what they have accomplished today," says Head Coach Richie Walker. "They stayed physical, overcame their challenges and worked together as a group to achieve a Top 3 finish. With this we have proven our abilities to work hard and meet the goals we set out to achieve. We'll be every bit as ready for Paris." 

Facing pool play opponent France for the second time this weekend, the United States was anxious to rectify their last-minute loss from the day before.  Precise tackling, physical encounters and forceful stops made it difficult for France to gain favorable field position from the very beginning. Then, almost halfway into the first half, Caroline Drouin broke away for what would be the last French try of the tournament, 0-5. 

Penalties and set pieces galore filled the rest of the half while the Eagles fought desperately to break away from French defenders. Just before both teams could be sent to their huddles, the United States employed tactful handling to keep the ball alive so Naya Tapper could squeeze by and score just before the break, 5-7. 

Up by two when play resumed, USA wasted little time pushing past the French to give Kate Zackary room to increase the lead, 5-14.

By this point, a win was not out of reach for either team. Enough time remained for both squads to capitalize on intensity and drive momentum back in their favor. 

Penalties continued to create stoppages in play during the last several minutes but the U.S. held on to keep France out of scoring position. Then, with the full time whistle a short breath away, Alev Kelter found the smallest of holes, employed precise footwork and ran the length of the field to seal the win 5-21. 

As a dynamite performer on the pitch throughout the weekend, Kelter's finish capped off a run that included the athlete scoring her own 50th try,  along with scoring USA's 500th try, scoring a total of 52 points to be the top point scorer of Canada Sevens. 

The Women's Eagles Sevens now sit in 5th place in the 2017-18 HSBC World Sevens Series, two spots up from their final position last tournament. With one final stop to go at the 2018 France Sevens Tournament (June 8-9), the United States has every opportunity to crack the Top 4 and make another record finish ahead of the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco. 

WOMEN'S SEVENS STAFF | 2018 HSBC Canada Sevens

Head Coach - Richie Walker
Athletic Trainer - Kevin Ng
Head of Physical Preparation - Jon Hood
Analyst - Dave Gardner
Team Manager - Liz Strohecker


v. Russia | 14-35 (W)
v. France | 22-19 (L)
v. Japan |  28-7 (W)

Cup Quarterfinals
v. Canada | 28-26 (W)

Cup Semifinal
v. New Zealand | 10-33 (L) 

Bronze Final
v. France | 21-5