Policies: In addition to the policies found in the USA Rugby Media Guidelines, note that only working media over the age of 18 will be issued a credential.

Applications: To apply for media credentials please fill out the below form to completion.

Deadlines: The deadline to apply for media credentials is generally no more than one (1) week prior to event kickoff (there is no guarantee late requests will be accepted). To request a credential for a USA Rugby event, please fill out the form located below.

Pickup: USA Rugby will distribute credential pickup times and locations prior to each event. Valid photo identification will be necessary for credential pickup. An individual cannot pick up more than one credential, even if the additional credential(s) is/are for members of the same organization.

Las Vegas Sevens: To apply for credentials to this event, please vist www.usasevens.com/las-vegas/media-accreditation/.

To apply for credentials, please fill out the form the form below.

To apply for credentials, please click here and fill out the accompanying form.