Overview of the Game

Rugby is a fun, fast-paced game that anyone can enjoy. It is one of the world’s most popular sports as millions of people play, watch, and support the game. At the heart of rugby is a unique style, which it has retained since it originated over two centuries ago. Through diligence, composure, and mutual respect, all rugby enthusiasts play according to and within the spirit of the laws. Fellowship and a sense of fair play define the game at all levels from the playground to the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic games. A basic understanding of where the game came from and how it is played aids all coaches in comprehending the first unit of the Coaching Rugby FUNdamentals course. Gaining an understanding of the origin of the sport of rugby is essential to communicating how and why athletes should play the game. So where did rugby come from?



Congratulations! Now you know the basic elements of the sport of rugby but remember there is much more to learn. This was a basic recap of the fundamentals of the game; we encourage all coaches to research more, learn the IRB laws and continue their coaching education.