Random Spot Check

USA Rugby National Championship Eligibility Random Spot Check Procedure

*Notice: This is for teams that have qualified for USA Rugby National Championships; you should always check with your TU & LAU administrators for appropriate competitions and eligibility procedures prior to championship level.

USA Rugby is transitioning to self regulation of clubs and territories. It has always been the responsibility of the teams to understand the regulations at USA, Territory and Local Area Union levels. It is also the responsibility of the Territorial Unions and Local Unions to communicate that information to the teams in their areas. The 10-15 page eligibility packets have been eliminated and are no longer necessary for all teams to turn in to USA Rugby upon qualification for USA Rugby Level Championships, but should be kept as personal records for each team in case of any challenges at any levels.

USA Rugby will select, at random, at least one team per championship event to do a thorough check of eligibility. USA Rugby reserves the right, at any time, to randomly check eligibility paperwork for more than one team.

Teams will be selected on a rotating basis. A team from each TU will not be selected for each event, but every TU will be checked for at least one event throughout the year. Just because a TU was selected for one event does not mean that a team from the same TU won’t be selected again.

Once the teams have qualified for USA Rugby Championship event, USA Rugby will notify the team or teams that will be checked for that event at least 12 days prior or upon qualification to the championship event. Once notified the team will have 72 hours (3 days) to produce the proper proof of eligibility. This proof should come in the form of a file that the team is to keep for each match.

This file should include different things for different levels of play, but may include:

* Proofs of citizenship for players (for senior players)
* Player eligibility forms, signed by the school registrar (for high school and collegiate players)
* Match Rosters proving players have played in the minimum amount of matches
* Eligibility Waivers
* CIPP Rosters printed from the USAR Website

This information will need to be shipped to USA Rugby via overnight courier so that its progress can be tracked in case of any shipping errors or natural disasters. If there are any discrepancies found in the paperwork, your file will be turned over to the disciplinary panel for further investigation.

USA Rugby reserves the right to do spot checks on site at championship events as well. Each team should travel with their packet of eligibility information throughout the season as well as during all post season play. If USA Rugby wishes to spot check a team for citizenship (or any other rule) they will do so at the team’s scheduled check in time. If the team does not have the proper information with them, the questioned player’s eligibility for matches may be in jeopardy and subject to further investigation.

Thank you and good luck in your quest for a National Championship!