Tackle Contest


Coaching Cues:

  • Step over the ball
  • Clear out a threat
  • Drive from low to high

Key Factors – Rucker, Firewall, Combat

  • Approach in an athletic position
  • Enter through the gate
  • Step over the ball
  • If necessary drive into opposition layer
  • Head neutral with eyes up
  • Flat back, bend at the knees and at the waist
  • Make contact with the shoulder
  • Drive from low to high
  • Drive opposition player away from the ball
  • If no opposition, stay over the ball in staggered stance prepared for contact
  • Allow the ball to be distributed from the back of the ruck

Rucker – key support player to the ball carrier, prevents opposition from stealing the ball

Firewall – if possible, attaches to Rucker, creates a wall past the ball carrier to prevent the opposition from disrupting the ball

Combat – attaches to the firewall, supports Firewall to prevent disruption of the ball and protects the ball

The rucker initiates and contests for possession, the combat links on in support of the ruckers goals and lastly the firewall bookends to conceal and maintain the ball.

Key Factors – Maul

  • Ball carrier protects possession of the ball
  • Ball is transferred to a player at the back of the attacking side of the maul
  • Support players enter through the gate from own side of the mall
  • Support players bind (connect) with a player by driving with their shoulders and wrapping with their arms
  • Low center of gravity in an athletic pushing position
  • Head neutral and eyes looking forward
  • Flat back, bend at knees and bend at the waist
  • Drive forward with the legs and small steps
  • Ball carrier makes the ball available for distribution
  • Defenders attempt to prevent the ball from leaving the maul, resulting in a turnover